How to future-proof your tech stack

Scott Brinker & Andy Lark discuss the true cost of disconnected systems on the customer experience, your bottom line, and the talent you need to attract to run it.

Centralising your tech stack and data using robust integrations means proving ROI

What used to be a choice between a few hundred apps and platforms has grown to a complex web of nearly 10,000 marketing-specific tools. It's what Scott Brinker calls the 'app explosion'.

And now, leaders are faced with the task of simplifying the tech stack because too few of the hundreds of tools that companies are using are connected. And as a result, they end up spending resources to clean and connect data, rather than connect with their audience.

Infact, found that one of the most popular reasons that marketing leaders replaced an app in 2022 was for better and easier integrations. 

Centralising your tech stack and data using robust integrations means proving ROI, providing a better customer experience, and encouraging inter-team collaboration. An “antifragile” tech stack helps build resilience during times of economic uncertainty, with trusted data as a guide.


Why integrations are so important to growth

With the CRM at the center of the tech stack and the must have integrations connected, businesses are able to harness the power of data and connected customer journeys to unlock a whole range of new opportunities and efficiencies like automating repetitive tasks and uncovering new audiences to drive growth.

Budgeting for your tech stack and measuring ROI

In tighter economic times, you want to be judicious about your spend. It's a good time to simplify and consolidate your tech stack. Look at the cost structure across customer interactions, the marketing department does not need to bear the burden of the cost for the entire organisation.

Creating an environment to attract and retain talent

Marketers are only using 42% of their Martech capabilities. This coupled with experienced talent being in high demand shows that it's critical to grow and develop your internal talent to run and use these tools effectively.


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