How to Get More Value From Your Website

On-demand Webinar: How To Get More Value From Your Website

How to personalize your website for new and old visitors to increase conversions


Too often a website becomes a leaky bucket: the best content is hidden, the wrong promotions are pushed, or everything is thrown at the user all at once. When this is the case, bounce rates are high, which is nothing but lost value for your company. The average bounce rate for content sites is 40-60%, and a simple landing page with a call to action has an average of 70-90%.

A good website is crucial to inbound marketing. In order to get someone converted to a lead, you'll need to personalize your website, especially for that first impression. At the promote phase, you need to appropriately give someone the opportunity to share your content with their followers.

Join Charlie Reverte, VP & GM at AddThis, as he shares his tips and tricks for website optimization and personalization. Make sure your website is one where people want to stay, and come back for more!

On this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The signs of an interruptive website with too many distractions
  • How to simplify your website and personalize content to increase conversions
  • Showcasing your best content to new visitors: how to avoid the "Content Iceberg"
  • Tips to understanding your audience based on website behavior
  • Much more about getting more value from your website!



Charlie Reverte, VP & GM of Website Products, AddThis

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How to Get More Value from Your Website

On-demand Webinar Details:

Originally Aired: March 2016
Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A

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