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[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] How to Have Success with a Remote Workforce 

Strategies on efficiency and collaboration as both a remote worker and manager 

Telecommunicating is a part of professional life and maximizing productivity while working from home is a skill that's adapting as fast as technology and new apps are. With new tools comes new processes for working collaboratively and team bonding. Remote-veterans from Dropbox and HubSpot have combined forces to teach you how to grow, remain effective, and be a successful worker in the age of remote working. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

    • How to recognize and build off advantages of working remotely 
    • Processes and tools to remain collaborative with your team
    • How NOT to manage while you're out of the office  
    • Solutions to the 4 biggest disadvantages of working remotely


Rajan Kapoor

Rajan Kapoor
Enterprise Solutions Architect, Dropbox

Rajan helped open Dropbox’s NYC office and for several months, the office was his bedroom. He's focused on keeping a strong remote culture while making sure the team supports, and feels part of, the culture of Dropbox. During his 13-year career in IT Operations, Rajan has become an expert at both managing remote workers as well as being the remote worker. 





Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre
Sales Director, HubSpot

As employee #6 at HubSpot, Dan has led the recruiting, training, and growth of HubSpot's sales team, all while working remotely. Flying to HubSpot's Cambridge office every two weeks from Arizona for the last 7 years, Dan is a master of managing a successful and growing workforce while headquartered 3,000 miles from HubSpot's office. 

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