How to Hire a Revenue Operations Jedi

Wednesday, September 29
11 AM (EST) | 8 AM (PST)

In the past 18 months, Revenue Operations titles increased by 300%. We all want RevOps professionals -  fabled Jedis that can do strategic planning and technical implementation. 

Matt Bolian Headshot

But how do you know if someone masters the RevOps force? And what is the force anyway?

Matt Bolian, co-founder of Revenue Operations agency will teach you their tried and tested playbook for successfully searching, selecting, and hiring true RevOps Jedis.

Webinar Agenda

  1. What is RevOps and why is it important?
  2. What is the RevOps skillset?: Clarity Creator, Forward Thinker, Data Native
  3. How to test for current capacity vs. potential capacity
  4. Best practices in skill-testing your candidates: Mock Revenue Mapping Sessions, Mock Meeting
  5. How to upskill/prepare for a RevOps interview

Post-Event Materials

  • RevPartners’ Hiring Scorecards for RevOps Professionals
  • Webinar Recording & Slide Deck


Who are

  • Fastest Tiering HubSpot Solutions Partner:
    After just 5 months as a HubSpot Solutions Partners, RevPartners achieved Diamond rank, making them the fastest raking partner in HubSpot history.
  • RevOps as a Service:
    With a “RevOps as a Service” business model, RevPartners' clients rely on their ability to find and hire RevOps professionals.
  • INBOUND 2021:
    Matt Bolian is speaking at INBOUND 2021 on: “RevOps and Moneyball: The Rise of the Strategic Technician”.