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How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Strategy

How to Use Data to Optimize Your Facebook Strategy

Measuring ROI and Improving Your Performance (Data Report)

Benchmarking Your Facebook Ad Success Has Never Been Easier

  • With such a large portion of the world using Facebook, marketers everywhere know that Facebook is an ideal place to reach and engage new audiences. And if you’re trying to reach new audiences, you probably know that paying for Facebook Ads is a great way to do that.
  • That said, knowing a channel is effective is far different from creating an effective ads strategy for your brand. With more marketers advertising on Facebook each quarter, its hard to build a strategy that will stand out from your competitors and generate the ROI your brand needs. 
  • Fortunately, with help from Socialbakers, a global leader in social media marketing analytics, we put together this data-packed report and how-to guide to help you build a better Facebook Ads strategy, benchmark your success, and improve the ROI of your ad spend.

What's Inside?

  • Guide for choosing which ad campaign objectives to use
  • Setting a targeting strategy to reach the right audience
  • How to begin measuring social media advertising ROI
  • How to benchmark your ad results against competitors
  • Regional data and trends for North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC
  • Average clickthrough and conversion data by industry

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