A HubSpot Community Event:
How To Power Up the HubSpot Platform with Operations Hub

Thursday, May 26, 2022
10 AM (EST) | 7 AM (PST)


Operations Hub isn't a suite of tools that lives inside a vacuum. It's essentially a power-up that brings your other Hubs to the next level.

Join us in the finale of this workshop series we've been holding throughout March, April, and May, where we dug into the different parts of the HubSpot toolbox and how to get the most out of them using Operations Hub. 

Core Takeaways

In this series finale, Operations Hub experts Connor Jeffers of Aptitude 8 and HubSpot Solutions Engineer Jack Coldrick will put their focus on the entire HubSpot Platform and will show you how Operations Hub can help you unlock extra horsepower.

Here are some of the use cases they'll be discussing:

  • Creating counters using custom objects to create sequential IDs for deals/tickets
  • Associating contacts with companies without using an email address
  • Performing a GDPR compliant delete of contacts using workflow
  • Copying deal line item information to a company property for easier visibility
  • Running a scheduled workflow to query a third party database
  • Advanced lead assignment using zip codes

Your Speakers

Discover Operations Hub

Operations Hub lets you easily sync, clean, and curate all of your customer data, and automate your business processes. The result? An efficient, aligned, and adaptable business that delivers a friction-free customer experience. 

Free & Starter

Sync customer data

Data sync, the two-way syncing engine behind Operations Hub, makes it simple for disparate systems to work together. 

Create customizable integrations between a range of apps, all in a user-friendly, code-free package. Your teams will be aligned around a single source of trustworthy data.

Discover Data Sync


Custom automation

With programmable automation, you can write workflow actions in JavaScript or Python, and execute them within HubSpot’s powerful workflow engine.

Keep your teams efficient and your customers happy with these advanced automations that can do anything from territory management and lead rotation to deal renewals and data enrichment.

Discover Programmable Automation


Curate your data

Datasets gives ops teams the power to curate data into clean and consistent collections that can then be used by downstream users to create reports.

It gives operations team more control over their data, while saving them time. And downstream business users can consistently gather insights faster and more easily.

Discover Datasets

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