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How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign in 2018


Discover a new framework for running more impactful, measurable campaigns.


Years ago, running a marketing campaign meant developing creative, writing a check, and crossing your fingers that results would follow.

Today, the channels that marketers use are different, but many of the same problems remain: disconnected tools and channels mean it’s tough to measure results, and the experience for your leads often feels disconnected.

That's where inbound marketing comes in. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, inbound marketing campaigns are designed around one goal, across a variety of connected channels.

In this guide, we'll walk you through:

  • What an inbound marketing campaign is
  • How to brainstorm campaign ideas
  • How to create an offer for your campaign
  • How to design a thoughtful conversion path
  • Campaign promotion best practices
  • Tips for reporting & measuring your campaign


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