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How to Run an SEO Audit [Free Kit]

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Includes SEO Template, Audit Checklist and 9-Step Guide

Drive long-term organic growth by cleaning up and shipping out a modern SEO strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that webmasters, marketers, and SEOs can make is to consider SEO a static measure. Continuity and website improvements over time characterize a successful SEO strategy. Buyer behavior is subject to constant change, which means marketers and SEOs have to change their methods in line with how buyers search on the internet. Search engines, especially Google, have evolved tremendously over the past decade. These changes happen not only because of user demands but also because Google’s technology has evolved to be able to understand complex search queries and deliver relevant search results. It is no longer enough to achieve good rankings for content by stuffing keywords in the page meta-data.

We'll guide you through all of the steps to conduct a full SEO audit to ensure your entire site and web assets are optimized for a modern organic SEO strategy. HubSpot joined forces with Ryte to bring you a free on-page SEO template, audit checklist, and 9-step guide to coach you through the process of overhauling your search strategy.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • An SEO audit collects data about your web presence called a crawl. Comprehensive SEO audits prioritize SEO problems by ease of implementation and projected impact on your business goals. Audits are a relative benchmark of website SEO health.
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  • Our detailed 9-step SEO audit kit is free:
    1. Work through crawling and indexing
    2. Identify indexing problems
    3. Check your on page elements
    4. Monitor your rankings
    5. Evaluate your content
    6. Optimize site architecture and internal links
    7. Update status codes and link forwarding
    8. Other techniques, scripts and coding
    9. Internationalization
  • A good audit highlights SEO issues that impact your website's organic traffic growth. If your primary goal is to grow traffic, the SEO problems on high trafficked pages are more important. If your primary goal is to grow revenue, the SEO problems on your revenue pages are more important.

    • Google Search Console (Free)
    • Google Chrome Developer Tools (Free)
    • Ryte (Freemium)
    • HubSpot's Website Grader (Free)
    • And more depending on your business needs.
Everything you need to clean up your entire SEO strategy