HUG Leader Program Guidelines

Updated for 2022

Thank you for your participation in the HubSpot User Groups (HUGs)  program! We value the work you put in as a HUG Leader and are here to help you in making your meet-ups exceptional. To maintain consistency and quality across our program, we have outlined some mandatory program requirements below that all HUG leaders are asked to follow. As a HUG Leader you agree to abide by these terms as well as the HUG Program Agreement available at

You also agree to abide by the terms outlined in our COVID-19 HUG leader guidelines available here for as long as they remain in effect.

HUG Leader Eligibility and Requirements

Maintaining quality and consistency across leaders

Because we want all those who attend a HUG meetup to have an awesome experience, we have certain eligibility criteria and requirements that all HUG Leaders must meet.

To be eligible, your HUG Leader must:

  1. Be employed by you, and you must be either a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond partner agency and/or be a direct HubSpot customer.
  2. Have a valid HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Sales Software and HubSpot Service Hub Software certification.
  3. Go through HUG onboarding 
  4. Finally, you must be a HubSpot customer with your account in good standing for at least 6 months (this includes prompt payment of any outstanding sums owed to HubSpot).

Ok, now for some requirements. Your HUG Leader representative must:

  1. Hold the first meetup within three (3) months of your becoming a HUG Leader. A meetup should focus on teaching HubSpot customers and users best practices regarding inbound marketing/sales/service strategy as well as the HubSpot products. Organizers should strive to include networking and audience discussion in their events. 
  2. Hold one meetup per quarter that is free of charge to all attendees and is focused only on HUG activities (this means you can’t charge for admission to the meetup, or hold a meetup as part of a larger marketing event.) If there’s a reason that a meetup can’t be held in any given quarter, or has to be rescheduled, please email
  3. Use exclusively a third-party solution as designated  by us to conduct all marketing activity for your HUG. This includes promoting your event, collecting registrations, performing check-in, and emailing attendees. Your personal portal should not be used to manage ANY HUG data.
  4. Use the HUG collateral that we provide you in accordance with the HUG collateral Do’s and Don’ts section below.

HubSpot Support

How HubSpot helps you make your events exceptional

We appreciate our HUG Leaders and provide the support we describe below, which we hope will help make our HUG Leaders successful.

  • We will try to raise awareness for your HUG via promotional emails provided you submit information in a timely manner
  • We will compile a library of product updates and content for you to share at your meet-ups
  • We will provide you with a third-party solution with which you can build your HUG community and drive registration for events

While we appreciate your participation in the HUG program, due to the virtual nature of HUGs in 2021, we won’t provide financial stipends or otherwise compensate you for your HUG Leader representative’s time, travel or any other expenses you incur in connection with your participation as a HUG Leader. 

HUG Collateral Dos and Don’ts

Design and branding guidelines


  • Make your HUG website and other promotional assets neutral in representation. This means that these shouldn’t be designed in a way that looks like they are affiliated with organizations other than HubSpot. This includes but is not limited to designing assets that reflect your company’s branding or that promote your company’s services. Deck template with designated space for self-promotion to be provided. 
  • Follow all the guidelines on how to use our trademark (see the ‘HUG Branding Guidelines’ in section 4 below).
  • Use the provided official HUG logo template for your city on all printed, online, and other collateral. See section 4 below.
  • Use your approved official city name when creating your logo. For example, a HUG in Boston, would not use the name “BOS HUG”, they would use the phrase “Boston HUG”.


  • Use HUG collateral to promote your business, products or services outside of the pre-approved locations as specified by HubSpot.
  • Use any material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Partner with “sponsors” for events, or use any imagery or language that promotes “sponsors” or companies who are not directly affiliated with the HUG and approved by HubSpot. 
  • Use the contact information obtained through the HUG website or check-in form for anything except related to HUG-related activities. This means, for example, you can’t use this contact information to send general “marketing news” about your business.
  • Use the ‘HUG’ name or branding (which includes, but is not limited to, the names ‘HubSpot’, ‘HubSpot Academy’ and ‘HubSpot User Group’) without our written consent . Any use of our marks or brand must be solely for the purpose of promoting your HUG meetup. For more details, please see the Branding Guidelines in section 4 below. 

HUG Branding Guidelines

Making sure your HUG has the right look and feel

As a HUG we ask that your logo and naming conventions remain consistent with the guidelines outline below:

  • Download the logo Illustrator file and fonts. HubSpot owns the font license, so it can only be used for marketing HUGs and no other uses.

    Using the six layouts in the Illustrator file, simply replace the city name with your city.

    The typeface must be Avenir Next Medium at size 90px. The leading needs to be set at 96px and tacking at -38px. Kern individual letters until all are evenly space. No need to edit “User Groups” as that is already done for you.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.31.55 PM

    You can use your logo in full color (Obsidian #33475B and Lorax #FF7A59 - Lorax for the sprocket only), all white, and all black. Please reference our Style Guide for more details.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.31.50 PM

    Depending on the name of your city, you may need to extend or reduce the length and/or height of the artboard. Using the grid, ensure that there is one square of padding all around the logo.

    If the name of your city is particularly long or short, please be conscientious about which wordmarks you use. For example, if the name is quite long, please avoid these layouts:

    Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 3.12.10 PM

    If your city name is very short, please do not use this layout.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.31.37 PM

    Once you have inserted the name of your city in all the desired layouts and color combinations, you’re ready to export. Go to File > Export > Export As. Then in pop up window, click the Format drop-down, select PNG and check the Use Artboards box and All button. Click the Export button and you will have usable logos for all your needs.

  •  When using your HUG logo in copy, simply write out "New York HubSpot User Group" not "HubSpot User Group - New York" or in conjunction with any other separating characters.

    First instance:

    • Atlanta HubSpot User Group (HUG)
    • Atlanta HubSpot User Group
    • Education HubSpot User Group 
    • Women in Tech HubSpot User Group

    Second instance:

    • Atlanta HUG
    • Education HUG
    • Women in Tech HUG

Performance Reviews and Discontinuance

Requirements to stay in the program

We will review your performance at the end of each calendar year. Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  1. You will have held at least 1 meetup per quarter throughout the year
  2. You will have achieved an average minimum attendance of at least twenty (20) individuals at each meetup,
  3. You will have achieved an average event NPS of 60, 
  4. You will have maintained all of the certifications listed in the eligibility criteria set out above, and 
  5. You will have abided by all the guidelines outlined above and in our HUG Program Agreement

If you haven’t met these criteria, we may choose to suspend or terminate your participation in the program as described in the HUG Program Agreement.