Hybrid Customer Experience in a Post Pandemic World: Where do we stand on the Human Touch?

UK Research Report

Hybrid customer experience in a post pandemic world Where do we stand on the Human Touch (1)

Discover how customer experience (CX) has shifted throughout the pandemic and why finding the right balance between a digital CX powered by technology and the 'human touch' is critical for business growth in 2021 and beyond.

The last thing a business needs right now is for customers, who have been wowed by clever marketing in the attract phase of the customer journey, to be lost when they want to find out more about a business’ products or services. Our research tells us loud and clear that we all still crave access to helpful, friendly staff when we have a query or issue around a purchase, whether we’d rather the transaction happened face-to-face or via digital channels.

36% of consumers report they have abandoned a purchase as there was no person to assist them.

Where does customer experience stand in a post-pandemic world? 

Last year taught us that the way in which businesses solve for the customer can change in an instance - with many companies shifting to a completely digital customer experience. Now, in a post-pandemic world, we want to find out if the enforced switch to digital CX has become permanent and if personal interactions are becoming redundant.

We surveyed 2,003 UK consumers and 250 decision-makers across marketing, sales and customer service to give you the latest insights into customer experience post-pandemic and to decipher how important the ‘human touch’ and the role of technology is to both businesses and consumers.

In this report, you’ll learn what customers want most from businesses moving forward, why digital channels are critical for business performance, the power of human interactions to driving business,  the role of the human touch in CX, what technologies businesses are investing in the future (31% of businesses stated that to meet their business objectives, they would need to invest in a new CRM platform), a leaderboard of brands that are getting CX right, and more!

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83% of CX professionals said that leaning on more digital channels to serve customers has had a positive impact on their business performance.