Inbound Marketing MythBustersWith so many facts, figures, and best practices about inbound marketing floating around the web, it can be hard to figure out what you should actually be paying attention to.

For example, while one resource might tell you that email is dead, and that you shouldn't waste your time on it, another resource might argue that it's a valuable marketing channel and is totally worthwhile.

In this guide, we'll set the record straight. You'll learn which of the biggest inbound marketing myths have been confirmed, are plausible, or have been busted. (Spoiler alert: email isn't dead - that one's busted!) Topics include:

  • Inbound Myths - SEO, Traditional Marketing, ROI
  • Attracting Myths - Blogging, Social Media, Content
  • Conversion Myths - Landing Pages, CTAs, A/B Testing
  • Closing Myths - Email, Automation, Personalization
  • Delighting Myths - Customers, Events, Smart Content 

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