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Inbound Sales Syllabus

Created in collaboration with Bentley University and Harvard University


Find resources, lesson plans, and more in the Education Partner Program's Inbound Sales Syllabus

Teach your students about Inbound Sales

The traditional method of outbound selling and the mentality of Always Be Closing is now a thing of the past. Salespeople are increasingly focusing on attracting, engaging, and delighting their prospects & customers to create a more positive relationship. 

The Inbound Methodology focuses on having your customers come to you and solving for their needs to close a deal and ensure a customer is pleased with their experience.

  • This syllabus will walk students through the sales process from the perspective of the Inbound Methodology. Students will learn about the new way to sell, putting the customer first and solving for their needs to ensure a smooth and pleasant process for their prospects and customers. 

    Modules in this syllabus include:

    • Introduction to Inbound Sales
    • Creating an Inbound Sales Process
    • Active Buyers vs Passive Buyers
    • Turning Strangers into Leads
    • Inbound Sales Outreach (Customization and Personalization)
    • Creating an Outreach Strategy
    • Relationship and Trust Building
    • Closing the Deal
    • Aligning Sales and Service