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How to Use Instagram for Small Business: 6 Tips From The Pros

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Learn how to brand, design, and plan Instagram Stories that sell.

Six businesses share their tips for creating a 2019-ready Instagram story strategy

Instagram Stories are an easy, free, and effective way to increase engagement with your followers! Learn how to grow your business in 2019 with these Instagram Stories tips from small businesses. 

The world of social media is evolving. More and more, small businesses need to be creative, unique, and inspiring with their social media marketing. Staying on top of Instagram marketing can bring your company closer to your audience than ever before, and Instagram stories are the newest frontier of creativity and brand engagement.

Small businesses are just starting to harness the power of Instagram stories, but in 2019, stories will become a main part of a successful social media strategy. That's why HubSpot and Later have joined forces to bring you top tips from 6 small businesses who are pros at their Instagram story strategy. You'll learn everything from how to analyze your stories' performance to the right tools you'll need for story creation. Hear from businesses like Wistia, Pink House, Flytographer, HubSpot, and more on their most important tip for creating Instagram stories in 2019. Download this guide to get started with an effective Instagram strategy that will make your content shine.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Small businesses can use Instagram Stories to humanize their brand, feature their happy clients, drive engagement, gather feedback, reveal the company culture, share short but meaningful content, let your fans participate, and showcase unique and authentic emotional experiences.

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  • Here are some top ideas: increase engagement with polls, contests, and quizzes, emoji sliders, or going live; drive sales with stickers, links, countdowns and adds; get more views by posting consistently, adding hashtags and locations, and making gifs.

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  • Instagram Stories are great for engaging with users, and businesses need to be playful and creative to make posts that will draw people in. There are many tools that will help but make sure to keep a consistent style to help your brand identity. You can use Instagram Stories for: announcements, polls, stickers, countdown, hashtag stickers, highlights, collaborations, questions, links, contests, gifs, location stickers, and more.

  • Create an ad in stories and optimize it by using Ads Manager. Use the Create mode to get new ideas. Engage your audience by going live, highlighting your story, using hashtags and locations tags, replying to mentions, and using stickers.

A guide to seeing success with Instagram stories