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How to Write Great Job Descriptions that Land You Hires

The Anatomy of a Perfect Job Description


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Today’s job seekers have a lot of choice for jobs. Not only are they worried about making the right career choice, they want to find a company they trust and who cares about their career.

To land great candidates, your job descriptions (and job titles) need to be on point, easy to digest and sell not only your open positions but your organization and employer brand, too.

Download our free How to Write Great Job Descriptions template and learn how to:

  • Write SEO--friendly job descriptions that land you more (and better) candidates
  • Promote and leverage your company culture, values and mission
  • Mobile optimize job descriptions for candidates on the go
  • Maximize recruiting dollars by targeting ideal-fit talent while dissuading the less qualified from applying

Tip: You’ll reach more job seekers by using real-life keywords and job titles like “Sales Account Executive,” “B2B Social Media Specialist” or “SQL Database Programmer” instead of eccentric titles like “Guru,” “Superstar” or “Hero.”

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