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Free Ebook: Guide to Landing Page Copywriting

Learn to Create Compelling Copy as a Conversion Marketer.

Learning Landing Page Copywriting from Unbounce.The success or failure of each and every marketing campaign you run is riding largely on your landing page copy. Is your copy getting through to visitors or is it chasing them away?

HubSpot is excited to be sharing this in-depth ebook from Unbounce's Joanna Wiebe. In this ebook, pro copywriter, Joanna Wiebe shares her hard-learned secrets for writing compelling landing page copy.

After reading it, you’ll have the tools you need to dramatically transform your ho-hum copy into the stuff conversion legends are made of.

Download the ebook to learn the 5 critical copy elements on high-converting landing pages as well as:

  • How every piece of your marketing campaign has one job and what that job is.
  • What a click-worthy call to action is made of.
  • Why social proof is a copywriter’s best friend.

Meet the Author: Joanna Wiebe


Joanna is the original conversion copywriter and the creator of Copy Hackers. You’ve likely read her copy on the landing pages or in the emails of MetaLab, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel and many more. Her popular copywriting ebook series may be on your Kindle at this very moment.

Let's get copywriting, stat!

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