Marketer's Crash Course in Visual Content CreationIf you can’t win your prospects’ attention, you can’t convert them into customers.

Since visual content is so important, marketers can’t wait around for resources to appear out of thin air. Although designers definitely know design best, perhaps it’s time for you and your marketing team to take visual content creation into your own hands.

That's why our in-house designers and non-designers worked together to bring you this package of visual content resources. Here's what this free package of design resources includes:

  • Checklist: 10 Commandments of Do-It-Yourself Design
  • 23+ Easy and Free Tools for Creating Amazing Visuals on a Budget (Without Photoshop)
  • 60+ Customizable PowerPoint Templates for Creating Social Media Images

After filling out the form, you'll be able to instantly grab your free guide, as well as a folder with the PowerPoint image templates that are ready to make your own.

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