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Marketing Agency Horror Stories!

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From strategy tragedies to email fails, we've got over 20 horror stories from marketing agencies across the world, as well as their sage advice on how you can avoid such disasters.


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EdMEd Marsh
Consilium Global
 "We did not realise what a mistake it would be not to set up agreements on what we would deliver and what the client would deliver" Tweet this

EmmaJEmma Jones

  “It can be difficult to discuss with the client but it’s important to ensure that they understand the full value of your expertise, and have a clear view of the work involved.”  Tweet this

KellyKKelly Kranz
Overgo Studio

 "If we knew that our client’s sales process was to follow up with leads personally and right away then we could have planned his lead nurturing campaigns better." Tweet this

BryanABryan Adams
PH Creative

 "In order to work with us, a client must provide two out of three of the following criteria: fame, fortune or fun. It’s just not negotiable." Tweet this

PatAPatrick Armitage

"Agencies that say they’re a “jack of all trades” are a master of none. Sometimes saying “no” is more profitable than saying “yes”." Tweet this 

RobertoMRoberto Moragón

 "Remember that messages via email can easily be misinterpreted, and you never know how someone might react." Tweet this


Sarah McIntyre
Bright Inbound Marketing

 “The tensions and panic grew ... the lesson here is to always have a back-up plan.” Tweet this

AlistairNAlistair Norman
Tomorrow People

 "Always outsource third party services if what you’re offered from the managed building is hindering your business’ performance." Tweet this

PauVPau Valdés

 "It’s a good idea not to overload the workforce. To have some spare capacity to deal with unexpected events is a lifesaver." Tweet this

GuyLGuy Levine
Return on Digital

 "We take care to profile each prospect carefully to stop any potential horror stories.” Tweet this

MattHMatt Hodkinson
Influence Agents

  "We start every engagement by identifying the primary and ideal buyer personas, and create content-led campaigns." Tweet this

JamesWJames Welch
Online Ventures Group

 "Trust your gut. If you hear rumblings of ‘the next big thing’, do you research and do it quickly."  Tweet this


 "Never, ever send anything without proofing properly, ever.” Tweet this
Jeremy Knight
Equinet Media


David Bowler
Incisive Edge

 "It requires a strategic approach to align & integrate marketing with sales." Tweet this

 RicardoMRicardo Molina

 "No one will ever translate vision into reality in the way you can.” Tweet this

 LauraHLaura Hogan
OverGo Studio

 "Send yourself a test email everytime to avoid an email horror story this Halloween!" Tweet this

 BernieBBernie Borges
Find and Convert

 "The notion of “improving search engine rankings” is so 2010. It’s an obsolete concept." Tweet this

 JamesCJames Cox

  "Spend at least a month doing research, strategy development, client interviews, persona development, and internal workshops.” Tweet this

ChuckMChuck Malcomson

 "Now we make sure to press hard during our consultative sales process to ensure that the prospect is a good fit for our services." Tweet this

KlaasKKlaas Klunder
Marketing Penguin

 "Who is afraid of bad content? Let me tell you a scary tale, of a text written to no avail, a blog without a ‘body’ but with a ‘tail’." Tweet this

Table of Terrifying Contents

1. Dangerous liaisons: Choosing the Wrong Client to Work With

  • A bottomless pitt of dissatisfaction - by Bryan Adams
  • Jumping from a speeding bus - by Patrick Armitage
  • Email Wail: The mystery of the multiplying emails - by Kelly Kranz

2. Creepy scope: When projects go beyond the original timetable

  • Work yourself to death, get no thanks - by Emma Jones
  • Mutually agree, or die - by Ed Marsh
  • Email Wail: Can you hear the music? - by Roberto Moragon

3. Watch your back: The importance of having a back-up plan

  • Freelancer Fail - by Sarah McIntyre 
  • Technology: My best friend and my enemy - by Alistair Norman
  • A ticking time bomb will always explode - by Pau Valdés
  • Email Wail: Prospect profiling prevents project paralysis! - by Guy Levine

4. Falling behind: Keeping up with industry changes

  • Be everything to someone or be nothing to everyone - by Matt Hodkinson
  • RUN! He's behind you! - by James Welch
  • Email Wail: Is that you, Laura? by Jeremy Knight

5. Strategy tragedy: When strategies fall apart

  • Shot in the foot with a Scatter Gun approach - by David Bowler 
  • The choppy sea of inexperience - by Ricardo Molina
  • Email Wail: He who shall not be named - by Laura Hogan

6. Client catastrophes: When clients get in the way

  • The walking dead seo practices - by Bernie Borges
  • Strategy is the skeleton of success - by James Cox
  • Dr. Frankenstein is ready to see you - by Chuck Malcomson


Horrifying bonus: a poem by Klaas Klunder of Marketing Penguin


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