The APAC Marketer's Interview Series

A collection of interviews featuring marketing experts and behind the scenes access to their ideas, strategies, and how-to’s for successful Marketing in APAC

Learn from pioneers who are already carving out a marketing playbook for APAC

Marketers are aware that marketing in APAC requires a different approach than marketing in Western countries. With time, the APAC market will only continue to grow in importance, yet for decades we’ve had to adapt global playbooks. Get access to this playbook curated for marketers in Asia that not many have access to.

Content Marketing Landscape and Best Practices for Asia
by Daniel Hochuli, LinkedIn

Daniel helps businesses across Asia create content to propel their business, and in this interview, he shares the best practices he personally uses. 

Tune in whether you're looking to optimize your existing content marketing efforts or need tips on kick-starting a content marketing strategy for your business. 


Content Marketing Frameworks and Best Practices 
by Hilman Putra, MOKA

Hilman leads the content marketing team at MOKA and he shares the various frameworks his team uses to build an effective content marketing strategy for the business. 

Tune in whether you're looking for ways to focus your content marketing efforts and into the Indonesian 


How to Successfully Scale Your Business In Asia
by Almitra Karnik, CleverTap

Almitra, Head of Marketing at CleverTap shares how a strong sales and marketing alignment allowed the CleverTap team to make informed decisions based on demand for their GTM strategy.

The insights she draws from her experience being a US-based marketer and comparison to marketing in India now is also invaluable


Perfecting a Global First GTM Strategy
by Paresh Mandhyan, VWO

Paresh, Director of Marketing from VWO walks us through what it's like to be an India based SaaS company selling outside of India.

He shares the framework VWO used to successfully pick the right target market and the right channels to market to it.

Also tune in if you want to learn more about events and podcast marketing, a strategy that's a huge focus for VWO. 


Growing a SaaS Business in Southeast Asia
by Chin Xin-Ci, StoreHub

Xin-Ci, Head of Marketing from StoreHub is successfully manoeuvering the fragmented markets of SEA. We discuss her personal thoughts on expansion and how StoreHub approached their GTM across SEA.

Tune in to learn how to adapt your marketing channels to suit your market, how to run A/B testing for your campaigns and other useful B2B marketing tactics


How LogMeIn India Uses a High Touch GTM Strategy for their Business
by Rebecca Kurian, LogMeIn

Rebecca, Head of Marketing for LogMeIn India delves into how LogMeIn structured its GTM strategy around the product and sales team while tweaking pricing for their target audience.

Tune in if you want to learn how LogMeIn places the product at the core of its strategies and how it has managed to stay ahead of the competition as well as uses an events marketing strategy to support the high-touch needs of the India Market.

Marketing Focused on Solving for the Customer 
by Piyush, Transferwise

Piyush explains how a customer-focused marketing strategy allowed them to grow from 150,000 to 2 million customers. He then delves into strategies such as outdoor ads, value-driven content marketing, and working with local publications to improve SEO. 

Tune in if you're trying to figure out your own content strategy, how to find product-market fit, improving SEO, and how to effectively use outdoor ads and measure its ROI.


Getting Better Results with LinkedIn Advertising
by Alyce, LinkedIn

Alyce not only helps to create and shape Linkedin's advertising solutions but also uses it in her own campaigns. This gives her an insider's view on how to make better use of the platform to achieve marketing goals.

Tune in for LinkedIn advertising best practices, insights into how LinkedIn does their own B2B marketing, and updates on upcoming releases for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.


The eCommerce Landscape of Indonesia 
by Tarun, Tokopedia

Tarun gives us an overview of the eCommerce ecosystem in Indonesia and shares how Tokopedia manoeuvres the known complexities of eCommerce such as cash payments, logistics, poor internet connection, and more. 

Tune in to discover how eCommerce in Indonesia is still one of the most attractive markets, why digital wallets and the democratisation of eCommerce platforms matter, and why building a product focused on convenience is important for Indonesia. 

Building Value-adding Partnerships in Asia 
by Mateen, Circles.Life

Mateen leads partnerships at Circles.Life, a fully digitized telco provider. He shares with us how partnerships between companies at different ends of the size spectrum can be tricky, but clear targets and timelines, as well as trust, has been critical for collaborative innovation to take off at Circles.Life.  

Being able to build value-adding partnerships consistently is a skill, and if you are looking to do the same, tune in to his interview to learn the best practices and strategies to land killer partnerships in Asia.


Achieving Maximum ROI From Performance Marketing 
by Shayanta, Ex-Skyscanner

Shayanta was responsible for 13 countries while running the performance marketing team at Skyscanner APAC. This gave her insights into how customer behaviours and interactions differ across various countries and platforms. 

We talk to her about the performance marketing piece of the business, how Skyscanner drives business goals across the funnel, and what's working and what's not in Asia at the moment.

Tune in to learn how to better drive ROI, spend budget efficiently, and still stay true to delivering the value of your product or service. 


Making Data-Driven Marketing Work in Asia 
by Nikola, NTUC Link

Nikola has experience working for a Rocket company in SEA, so taking risks and growing at an exponential rate are environments he is familiar with. Now he is a marketing operations manager at NTUC Link, giving him unique insights into what it's like in this polar opposite setting to a rocket company and how they make marketing work. 

Tune in to this interview if you want to learn how to take calculated risks, about vouchering as an acquisition campaign, data-driven decisions making, email marketing, and finding the right tools for your business.


Leveraging the Power of Social Media for Branding
by Vineet Singh, WeWork India 

WeWork has successfully used social media to engage its target audience of Millenials. Vineet from WeWork India walks us through the various campaigns they ran that leveraged on current affairs like the LGBTQ movement to create brand awareness and engage with their audience. 


Marketing Leaders from Across APAC

  •  Xin-Ci Chin

    Chin Xin-Ci

    head of marketing


  • Daniel Hochuli

    Daniel Hochuli

    APAC Manager, Content Marketing Evangelist


  • Shayanta Paul_Skyscanner

    Shayanta Paul

    Growth Lead
    Paid Media APAC


  • Mateen Kirmani

    Mateen Kirmani

    Partnerships Lead


  • Vineet Singh_ 3 (1)

    Vineet Singh

    Head of Brand & Marketing


  • Tarun - Tokopedia

    Tarun Valecha

    Product Manager


  • Almitra Karnik

    Almitra Karnik

    Head of Marketing


  • Rebecca Kurian

    Rebecca Kurian

    Head of Marketing, India


  • Piyush Varanjani

    Piyush Varanjani

    Product marketing manager


  • Yuhwen

    Yuhwen Foong

    Founder & CEO


  • Profile Pic - Robert Winkelmann

    Robert Winkelmann

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Alyce Erikson

    Alyce Erikson

    Regional Product Marketing Manager


  • Lynette Pathy

    Lynette Pathy

    Events & Partnerships Manager


  • Paresh Headshot - Paresh Mandhyan (1)

    Paresh Mandhyan

    Director of Marketing


  •  Nikola Rudic

    Nikola Rudic

    Marketing Operations Manager


  • Matt Sutton

    Matt Sutton



  • Hilman

    Hilman Putra

    Head of Content


  • Aaron Chang

    Aaron Chang



  •  Joven Barcenas

    Joven Barcenas

    Regional Director, Partnership & Commercial


  • Yubin Ng

    Yubin Ng

    Entrepreneur in Residence


HubSpot Speakers

  • James Gilbert

    James Gilbert

    Director, APAC
  • David Fallarme

    David Fallarme

    Head of Marketing, Asia
  • Prasanth Mohan

    Prasanth Mohan

    Country Manager, India
  • Smriti Chopra

    Smriti Chopra

    Partner Marketing Manager, APAC

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