A Guide to Engaging Infinite Audiences of One

Master Personalized MarketingHow do we know you're on your computer?

Before the rise of inbound marketing, traditional marketers would often broadcast their messages to as wide an audience as possible. Their tactics were expensive, interruptive, and, perhaps most egregiously, untargeted.

This antiquated, one-size-fits-all approach to marketing didn’t take into account who the target audience actually was. Instead, people were seen (and marketed to) as a single mass of potential customers.

With personalization, marketers can provide relevant, highly targeted content based on a variety of criteria, including a person’s location, their device, and whether a person is an anonymous visitor, a lead who is already in your contacts database, or an existing customer. The goal of personalization isn’t to engage with one audience of many, but to engage with infinite audiences of one.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can leverage personalization technology at every stage of the inbound methodology. Specifically, we'll walk you through the following:

  • personalization for attracting visitors
  • personalization for converting visitors into leads
  • personalization for nurturing leads into customers
  • personalization for delighting your customers so they become promoters of your business

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