How Media Companies Can Engage Audiences & Increase Advertiser Revenue

Over the past several years, the media industry has seen a dramatic shift in digital marketing. Traditional dollars are turning into digital dimes, and media companies are experiencing negative ROI.

Fortunately, several media companies have discovered how to reverse this trend using inbound marketing.  

In this guide, you'll get an insider's perspective into top executives' solutions to increasing their advertiser revenue and engaging their audiences. 

Learn from several executives on how they are using inbound marketing to change the face of their media companies, including:

  • Matt Sunshine - Executive Vice President, The Center for Sales Strategy
  • Andrew McFadden - Director of Innovation and Business Development, The Press Enterprise
  • Seth Nichols - CEO, Longitude Media, LLC
  • Shawn Fitzgerald - Vice President of Digital Media, ThomasNet
  • Chase Garbarino - Co-founder and CEO, Streetwise Media Network


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