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Templates for an organizational change, financial update, problem-solving, or general business memorandum.

Business Memorandum Templates

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Your memo can change your team, department, or even your entire organization – so why send out anything less than perfect?

With these free memo business templates, you'll have an organized prompt to take your memo from an idea to a convincing, concise, and clear finished product. 

We've drafted up four free memo templates for general, organizational, financial, and problem-solving updates. We've also included best practices checklists for you to review before sending your memo out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • There are five basic types of memos: request, confirmation, report, ideas and suggestions, and informal study results.

  • To write a memo, start with a short summary of the problem. Use direct and simple language so that people can quickly and easily understand what you are trying to communicate.
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  • An assessment memo evaluates a problem and what is being done about that problem. It will start with a header that includes date, to, from, and subject lines. The first paragraph describes the problem, and then the assessment.

  • The most basic three parts of a memo are the subject line, the identifying information like date and who the memo is from and to, and the body of the memo.

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