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Templates for an organizational change, financial update, problem-solving, or general business memorandum.

Business Memorandum Templates

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Your memo can change your team, department, or even your entire organization – so why send out anything less than perfect?

With these free memo business templates, you'll have an organized prompt to take your memo from an idea to a convincing, concise, and clear finished product. 

We've drafted up four free memo templates for general, organizational, financial, and problem-solving updates. We've also included best practices checklists for you to review before sending your memo out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Memos are one of the most common forms of business communication. There are at least 5 types:

    • General memo
    • Organizational change
    • Problem-solving
    • Financial update
    • Request for action memos
    You can use HubSpot's Memo Templates to write memos for these business situations.
  • We will teach you how to create the perfect problem statement. The first step is to identify what the problem is, this can be done by asking yourself questions like "What's going on?" or "What am I looking for?". Next, make sure that you have identified all of the possible causes of your problem. This means that it would be helpful if you made a list of every possibility so that no stone goes unturned. You can outline your responses in HubSpot's Free Problem Solving Memo Template.
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  • An assessment memo is a formal letter written to inform an organization of a problem and the action that has been taken or will be taken in order to solve it. The body of the letter should summarize what is wrong, why it's important, and how you plan on fixing it. HubSpot's Free Memo Templates can help you write an assessment memo.

  • A memo is a short document that summarizes an issue (overview), provides context (background), and recommends next steps (closing). Memos are often used in office environments to communicate with colleagues or supervisors.

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