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New in HubSpot

New products and features launched at INBOUND 2016

The latest tools to power your growth

Driving growth takes a connected set of tools, which we call a growth stack. The latest updates in HubSpot put everything you need to grow into a single set of tools that are already deeply integrated, right out of the box.



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Deeper Connections Between All of HubSpot's Tools

When you build your growth stack on HubSpot, you'll have one set of tools that is seamlessly connected from sales to marketing to CRM.

  1. HubSpot's Content Strategy Tool

    Content Strategy

    Get Content Right. Not Just Done.

    Grow your reach by adopting a content strategy that attracts visitors. With HubSpot's Content Strategy tool you can explore and validate what topics to write about before you write a single word.

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  2. HubSpot Visual Workflows

    Visual Workflows

    Marketing automation that powers growth at any size.

    The new visual workflow builder makes the top-rated Marketing Automation solution even easier to use. Within the new visual editor, you can easily see a holistic view of your entire workflow, or zoom-in to optimize individual branches.

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  3. HubSpot Web Analytics Dashboard

    Reporting Improvements

    Fresh insights on your entire funnel.

    The new web analytics dashboard brings the most pivotal top-of-funnel metrics into HubSpot, giving you actionable insights into the health of your website in an easy-to-use interface. Get powerful metrics like bounce rate by device, new vs. returning visitors, and more, without leaving your HubSpot portal.

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  4. HubSpot Composer


    A distraction-free, collaborative writing experience.

    Composer helps you focus on creating the content your audience wants, and not worry about the style. Easily collaborate and have conversations on content to make sure it's perfect.

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Work Together With Your Team

The most successful growth teams work together, across marketing & sales. We've added dozens of improvements across all of HubSpot that makes it easier for your entire team to work as one.

  1. HubSpot Projects


    More marketing, less managing.

    Our new productivity tool is transforming how teams work, learn and collaborate inside of HubSpot. Projects rallies your team around a shared set of tasks, and guides you through the execution of any inbound tactic with pre-built Project Templates, and it’s free.

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  2. Collaboration within HubSpot


    New ways to collaborate with your team, directly within HubSpot.

    Throughout HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and the CRM you can now collaborate with colleagues directly in HubSpot. Simply @ mention a rep within a contacts timeline, or a colleague within a draft of your content and immediately include them in your work.

  3. HubSpot's Mobile App

    Unified Mobile App

    Marketing. Sales. CRM. Everything HubSpot now all-in-one iOS app.

    For reps on the road, or marketers on the go staying up-to-date can be tough. With HubSpot, you've got the entire power of Marketing, Sales, and CRM at your fingertips so you'll never lose sight of a customer, deal, or campaign.

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Connecting With Customers

We've doubled down on giving you new ways to connect with customers and drive growth, from the way you send emails, to how you book meetings, to how your website supports the sales process.

  1. HubSpot Meetings - Book more meetings in less time


    Book more meetings in less time.

    Meetings, a feature of HubSpot Sales, makes scheduling simple. Meetings syncs with your Google or Office 365 calendar, so you can easily share your most up-to-date availability with prospects via email, or on your website.

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  2. HubSpot Messages - Chat with your website visitors in real-time


    Chat with your website visitors in real-time.

    The best time to help prospects is when they’re on your website. With Messages you can now enable live chat on your website and connect visitors directly with your sales team.

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  3. HubSpot-and-Sales-Naviagor-integration.png

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

    Coming in 2017

    HubSpot is proud to be one of LinkedIn's CRM partners, giving our customers access to target, understand and engage with prospects and leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator right inside of HubSpot CRM

  4. Facebook Ads in the HubSpot Ads Add-on

    Facebook Ads

    Now Live in HubSpot Ads

    You can now measure and optimize your Facebook Ads inside HubSpot. This rounds out our integrations with the top ads networks, giving you the power to quickly test and assess your investment in paid media.

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  1. HubSpot Collect


    Clip, research, and publish content you find across the web.

    All content starts with an idea. But often-times we store ideas in an individual file, or system that doesn't connect to our work. Using Collect you can save ideas, then easily insert them into content.

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  2. HubDB - Database-driven pages within HubSpot


    Database-driven pages, now in the HubSpot Website Platform.

    Power your product listings, team resources, events, and website with HubDB. Connect your website to your entire funnel and drive growth from visitors to customers. HubDB is only available for customers with the $300 version of the Website Platform.

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  3. AMP your HubSpot Blog

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) within the HubSpot Blog tool.

    Instantaneously load blog content for mobile visitors and increase the discoverability of your content in search in one-click. Coming Q1 2017.

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  4. Multi-Language Content Management

    Multi-Language Content Management

    Speak the language of your visitors.

    Using Multi-Language Content Management you can easily create, manage, and optimize any multilingual pages. Integrate with any supported TMS to easily translate content.

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