HubSpot for Nonprofits

The nonprofit team at HubSpot works with the brightest nonprofit marketers in the industry. We have nonprofit marketing specialists, consultants, account managers and marketers working to grow your network and support your mission with the best resources. 

 Here are just a few of the nonprofits we work with:

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Meet the Nonprofit Team

Brooke Freedman - Nonprofit Manager

Name: Brooke Freedman
Position: Nonprofit Program Manager

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"I am personally so inspired by HubSpot’s nonprofit customers. They have big dreams, high hopes and awesome goals. It is so rewarding to help nonprofits fulfill their missions through Inbound Marketing."

Name: Kate Horne
Position: Senior Nonprofit Account Manager

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"The reason why I love working with nonprofits is because everyday is something new and exciting. People in nonprofits tend to wear many hats with some people coming from an extensive marketing background while others are just taking their first stab at it. Our nonprofit customer base has increased immensely in just the last two years. And the best part about it that many of my customers are becoming case studies and are killing it! Though I haven’t ever directly worked with a nonprofit, I feel like my inexperience benefits me and lets me think outside the box when I am having strategy call with customers."

Kate Horne - Senior Account Manager
Rach Sebell - Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant

Name: Rach Sebell
Position: Senior Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Consultant

Why I love working with nonprofits:

What I enjoy most about working with nonprofits is the fact that the marketing plans and strategies I help organizations put together are truly changing the world. I get to work with such a variety of organizations that are helping solve the worlds problems including education, hunger, poverty, homelessness and more.

Name: Victoria Aviles
Position: Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Specialist

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"I love working with nonprofits because I get to help and engage with passionate, skilled and results-oriented people. My father was born in Peru and taught me the value of being passionate about what you do and in helping others. This quality is why I love working with nonprofits as it is a universal characteristic we all share. I have had the privilege to work and volunteer for programs ranging from animal shelters to hispanic youth education programs and annually run in charity road races."

Victoria Aviles - Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Specialist

Name: Matt Fradette
Position: Senior Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Specialist

Why I love working with nonprofits: 

"I get to speak with passionate people that believe in what they are doing all day long. I was also a mentor for 3 years for the boys and girls club and was inspired by my experience with the organization."

Matt Fradette - Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist

Name: Taylor Corrado
Position: Nonprofit Marketing Manager

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"Being able to do what I love (marketing) and helping organizations do more good as a result is so much for fulfilling than marketing a consumer product. When the result of my work is an organization raising more awareness, or more money or gaining more volunteers, then I know that I'm indirectly helping those that are less fortunate than I am. It also always reminds me not to take anything in my life for granted."

Taylor Corrado - Nonprofit Marketing Manager

Name: Leigh Fitzgerald
Position: Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Specialist

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"I love being able to teach nonprofits how with Inbound Marketing they can develop a very effective and sophisticated marketing strategy, without having the budget of a big for-profit company! Working with passionate people who teach me about a range of wonderful causes and organizations all day, makes work fun and exciting!"


Name: Jeff Love
Position: Nonprofit Account Manager 

Why I love working with nonprofits:

"The people. Nonprofit employees are so passionate about their work and their cause, it makes them fantastic to work with. They are constantly trying to push the envelope to raise every single dollar possible for their cause and this means that they are very open to new ideas, and practices, which makes the relationship with them that much more rewarding and prosperous. Nonprofits rock!"

Tara Larson - Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Specialist
Jeff Love - Account Manager