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The Ultimate Nonprofit Website Design Workshop

Learn how to plan for, design, and build a nonprofit website within budget, and on time.

Thursday, August 25
11:00 am – 12:00 pm PT
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

The #1 reason GenX might not donate to an organization is an outdated website.* 

Nonprofits around the world are reconsidering their digital platforms, from which tools we use to organize and reach donors, to how our websites reflect the mission, story, and impact of our organizations. 

Join experts from Tech Soup and HubSpot for Nonprofits for a one-hour workshop on how to plan for, build, and launch a new website on budget and on time. We'll cover the basics of a website redesign and share some of the most impressive features that HubSpot's CMS has to offer—including our brand new drag and drop website builder, popular integrations for nonprofits, and 20+ HubSpot CMS nonprofit themes.

*QGiv: 2021 Generational Giving Report

Learn about

  Why new, mobile-friendly websites are critical to your nonprofit's success in a quickly-changing digital environment

  How to plan for, build, and launch a website on HubSpot's CMS—on budget, and on time

  Which integrations can super-charge your website for donor management, fundraising, advocacy, SMS outreach, and more. 


  • Julia Ford

    Julia Ford

    HubSpot for Nonprofits

    Julia has 15+ years of experience working in nonprofits. She served as a case manager for folks experiencing homelessness, delighted customers as a pastry chef, ran a catering and events company, rocked major gifts, and did a few turns around the sun as a development director. Julia stepped into the world of tech in 2017, leading sales and marketing for a nonprofit-focused digital agency and joined the HubSpot team in 2021 and currently leads the Nonprofit Program.

  • Marnie Webb

    Marnie Webb

    Chief Community Impact Officer
    Tech Soup

    Marnie Webb is the Chief Community Impact Officer for TechSoup and leads Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup. In her role, she works with communities around the world to describe desired impact and to develop technology solutions that help them move towards that impact. Her work is influenced by human centered design principles, as well as methodologies from social work and international development, such as Participatory Action Research. She has been working with civil society, governments, academia, and corporations for more than 30 years to put together teams and solutions that can accomplish big goals, with and for communities.

  • Rob Malta

    Rob Malta

    HubSpot Global Sales Specialists

    Rob Malta is the Global Sales Specialists Manager at HubSpot, focusing on bringing the CMS and Operations Hubs to market. Before joining HubSpot in 2015, he was a banking analytics consultant at PwC and owned an agency focused on growing local businesses.

  • Caitlin Siegrist

    Caitlin Siegrist

    Senior Manager
    Platform Ecosystem HubSpot

    Caitlin Siegrist is a senior manager on HubSpot's platform ecosystem team, focusing on growth and acceleration of the marketplaces. With over a decade of experience at HubSpot, Caitlin has worked with thousands of customers, partners & developers to help them grow better. Outside of work, you can find Caitlin spending time with her husband, their 2 young boys and their very senior doggie.

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