By running inbound marketing campaigns, the following companies in the Nordics achieved HUGE success. Check out these results:

- Digia raised their landing page conversion rates from 30% to 55%

- Structsales increased website traffic from email by 270% and overall lead gen by 104%

- Palomacorento increased their overall website conversion rate from 2% to 5%

Inbound marketing is powerful because it aligns every one of your marketing channels (blog, social media, email) and all of your content around a single goal and message. 

Do you want results like these?

This ebook will guide you through planning, executing and measuring your first inbound marketing campaign. It also includes some best-practice examples from companies in the Nordic region. 

How To Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign [NORDIC]

We'll show you how to:

  • set your goals
  • define your target audience
  • create your content
  • create your conversion path
  • promote your offer and content
  • help your sales team
  • track and optimise your campaign

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