Optimize Your Online Marketing ChannelsWEBINAR DETAILS:
: #OptimizeIt
Duration: 60 Minutes

Optimizing your website can do more than just increase your rank in search engines  it can also help you generate more engagement, customers, and revenue – as well as close more deals. Are you missing out on this huge opportunity?

During this on-demand webinar, you will hear from optimization experts at HubSpot and Optimizely, and get an exclusive look at real tests and results. You'll walk away with actionable optimization ideas and best practices proven to drive impact for your business.

After viewing this webinar you will be able to:

  • Run a successful A/B test for optimization
  • Identify areas of your site best-suited for testing and optimization
  • Optimize for a specific goal (lead gen vs. social sharing vs. email clicks)
  • Optimize various parts of your website and marketing funnel


Ellie Mirman, HubSpot

Ellie Mirman


Ellie Mirman leads HubSpot's inbound marketing funnel team, focused on lead generation and nurturing. She manages a team of marketers responsible for all inbound channels, including email, social media, search, mobile, comarketing, and paid media. She has launched many of HubSpot's marketing initiatives, from the email program to customer research, and loves to work at the intersection of Marketing, Sales, and Product. 

Jodie Ellis, Optimizely



Jodie Ellis hails from the Land of Enchantment, commonly referred to as New Mexico, but has made San Francisco his home for many moons. Jodie joined Optimizely as the company's first marketer, and has helped the company grow from 10 to nearly 250 since 2012. Now, as Optimizely's Head of Experimental Marketing, Jodie aims to boldly go where B2B SaaS marketing doesn't—and perhaps even shouldn't.

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