How to Optimize Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is simply a tool for broadcasting or “blasting” messages to your contacts, right? Wrong.

When used correctly, marketing automation software lets you tailor content and messaging to specific segments of your leads, creating more personalized experiences for them. Taking this highly-targeted approach will help you close more deals, generate more revenue, and delight your existing customers.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the proper steps for optimizing your existing marketing automation strategy. We'll answer the questions:

  • Am I using the right marketing automation software?
  • What are the best ways to segment leads?
  • How can I use marketing automation to close more deals?
  • What other tools can I use to make marketing automation more effective?

The guide also comes with a marketing automation planning worksheet, so you can map out, evaluate, and improve your current marketing automation strategy.

I want to learn how to close more deals!