Partner Day 2016

May 18-19, 2016

A day dedicated to you, HubSpot's top Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Agency Partners.

May 18-19 @ HubSpot HQ

May 18th will be a full day of content followed by an evening celebration. May 19th will be a half day of content ending at 12:30pm.

Who will be there?

Qualifying Gold, Platinum, and Diamond HubSpot Agency Partners. Registration is limited to two individuals from each qualifying agency.

See a full list of qualified partners

May 18, 2016
8:00 am - 10:00 pm

  • Breakfast & Registration

    Join us bright and early for breakfast and registration! Please arrive at our newest office building (2 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA 02141), to grab your name badge, agenda, and your Partner Day swag!

    Then drop off your bags in the main session room and have a coffee and something to eat before Partner Day Begins.

  • Welcome to Partner Day

    Kickoff the day with Patrick & David as they share the new programs and initiatives that have us excited about the Partner Program in 2016.

    Patrick Shea, Marketing Director, Agency Partner Program, HubSpot
    David McNeil, Global VP, Agency Partner Program, HubSpot

  • Future Proofing: Tackling the Biggest Threats to Inbound
    When something scares you, you should run straight at it. So we're lacing up our orange shoes and tackling the biggest threats we see to inbound marketing. These threats represent early changes we've observed in the way that people research, shop and buy online. They're gleaned from data trends, emerging technologies, and the experiments of other pioneering companies. Learn how we're building a playbook to better position ourselves, and our Partners for the future.
    Kipp Bodnar, CMO, HubSpot

    Tripling Retainers and Doubling Revenue
    Learn how Stratus Interactive has expanded their offerings into sales enablement services in order to increase retainers from 5-10K into the 20's and 30's. Learn how they began to package their success and turn it into a scalable and repeatable process.
    Kymberly Robinson, CEO, Stratus Interactive

    What They Never Taught You About Growing an Agency
    When we started our agencies, we thought about doing great work, generating profits, and freedom. But we underestimated what it takes to be a leader of a growing marketing agency. And once we hit that “ceiling,” it was hard to break through. We realized that what we did to get our agency here, is no longer what we need to get our agency there. Hear Bob's experience and advice on how to hire and evaluate talent, make people changes, overcome internal crisis, live your purpose and values in everything you do, make your people want to stay with you, and break through that ceiling! 
    Bob Ruffolo, Impact Branding & Design

    The Future of Integrations at HubSpot
    As Brian Halligan announced on the Partner Kickoff Webinar, Arjun Moorthy will be heads down in 2016 working to build out the universe of integrations for HubSpot’s marketing and sales platforms. It is a major initiative and one that carries massive growth potential for HubSpot Partners. Dig into the program vision and learn more.
    Arjun Moorthy, VP Business Development, HubSpot

  • Heatmaps, Analytics, Feedback and $120,000 in New Business: Using Hotjar and HubSpot to Acquire and Retain Clients
    It's time to get analytical. Website feedback and data is useful during a website redesign, but what about using it throughout the pre-sale process and post-sale account management? Join Jeff Coon of Platinum Partner Stream Creative and Tara Robertson of Hotjar as they discuss how leveraging data between the HubSpot and Hotjar integration can help you win new business and drive more value for your existing clients.
    Tara Robertson, Hotjar | Jeff Coon, Stream Creative

    How To Position Paid Channels to Clients and Leverage their Effectiveness for Growth
    Pay per click isn’t really inbound, or is it? What about Facebook ads and sponsored updates on Linkedin? Find out how we talk about paid channels in the context of inbound marketing, how we sell it to clients, when we deploy it in our engagements, how we charge for it and how we use these channels to drive results. Bonus Footage: We’ll share a few client stories where PPC and other paid channel drove awesome results.
    Mike Lieberman, Square 2 Marketing

    The Future Of HubSpot Sales
    Sidekick for Business. HubSpot CRM. Sequences. The new Prospects tool. Data enrichment for contacts. A lot has happened to the HubSpot Sales ecosystem since Signals was first launched in 2013. More is planned. Much more. This session will go deep into the philosophies that are foundational to the inbound sales methodology, and explain how the full suite of tools positions Partners to deliver deeper ROI and win new business.
    Christopher O'Donnell, HubSpot

    The Philosophy Behind Salted Stone’s Ascent to Diamond
    Hear how hard work, sound decisions, and a culture that team members are willing to rally behind are only a small piece of the Salted Stone story. Mike shares what enabled Salted Stone to become a Diamond Tier HubSpot Partner in just 26 months, and shares examples of both the material and efficient causes (and other tenants of Mike's philosophy) that have led to their success. Mike will also discuss opportunities relative to material causes that will likely impact their agency, and other HubSpot partners, in the years ahead.
    Mike Skeehan, Salted Stone

  • Time to eat!

    We have a big crowd this year! In order to reduce the lines at lunch, we will be hosting lunch in both HubSpot buildings. Please have lunch in the building you are already in for the 11:15-12:15pm break out session.

  • The Five Constraints
    Blair Enns discusses the five constraints he would impose upon you and your firm - if he had the magic power - that would cause your business development results to soar and your total effort and cost of sale to plummet. With every constraint, you'll do a brief exercise to reimagine the implications in your firm. Each constraint builds upon the next until yours is a Win Without Pitching firm that commands the high ground in your relationships with clients and prospects and wins new business without pitching free ideas, writing lengthy proposals or otherwise sacrificing your practitioner position in the relationship.
    Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching

    Doubling Web Revenue: Selling Growth-Driven Design Website Retainers
    How do you make website sales easier, while doubling the revenue per website engagement? The answer is selling Growth-Driven Design. Adapting your sales process is a critical step in successfully closing GDD website retainers. Join us as Shawn walks-through how he’s transformed the way he sells web design engagements using Growth-Driven Design, resulting in double the revenue and stable monthly retainer cashflow. You'll leave this session with actionable steps for adapting your website sales process to close more GDD retainers.
    Shawn Fitzgerald, ThomasNet

    Future Proofing: Pursuit of New Audiences
    HubSpot's Ginny Soskey will talk about one of the emerging channels for HubSpot's content strategy: podcasting. She'll give you a peek into The Growth Show's editorial strategy, what experiments we're using to reach new audiences, and how we've begun to measure it all. Corey Wainwright will cover the good, the bad & the ugly of what we've learned so far about content marketing on medium.
    Ginny Soskey & Corey Wainwright, HubSpot

    Scaling Client Acquisition: How Bluleadz is Redefining the Structure of their Sales Process 
    Join for a deep dive into how you can increase your new client acquisition by building out a Sales Development Rep role at your agency. Hear Bluleadz's experience immersing their SDR into HubSpot's in-person SDR Training Program. You’ll leave this session with next steps that will help you say goodbye to referrals, and move towards a scalable and predictable new client acquisition strategy.
    Eric Baum, Bluleadz | Justin Hiatt, HubSpot 

  • Proving Inbound: How Impulse Creative Uses Leadin to Deliver Value Pre-Sale
    Imagine a free tool that could convey the impact of inbound marketing to skeptical clients. HubSpot’s free lead capture and contact insights tool, Leadin, takes 5 minutes to set up and allows users to capture leads on their website, analyze marketing efforts, connect marketing tools, and manage leads and contacts. During this session, we will take a deep dive into the 8 ways you can leverage Leadin to sell inbound to skeptics, startups and more!
    Remington Begg, Impulse Creative | Nicholas Holland, HubSpot

    The Key to Agency Growth: Unlocking the Secret to Inbound Sales
    In an increasingly competitive field, the agencies that will win the race to the top are those that can grow their retainer size and minimize client churn. As retainers grow, so does the client’s focus on achieving measurable ROI from their marketing investment, and that means showing that the inbound leads you generate are translating into sales. Learn from a top HubSpot partner agency what they’ve done to address this challenge and get actionable takeaways for your own agency.
    Kathleen Booth, Quintain
    Future Proofing: Deepening Engagement

    When the HubSpot Marketing blog cut their list in half and eliminated a high-volume subscription option, a lot of people thought they were crazy. In this session, Ginny Soskey, Manager of Content Marketing Strategy, will unpack why they made that decision and how it's affected their metrics and engagement levels since. And if first impressions are everything, why don't we pay more attention to the experience of new blog subscribers? Emma Brudner will walk attendees through the HubSpot Sales Blog's ongoing subscriber onboarding experiment, and reveal early findings for deepening engagement.Ginny Soskey, HubSpot | Emma Brudner, HubSpot

    Surveys as a Service: Using Response Data to Deliver More Client Value

    The very core of a successful inbound marketing strategy hinges upon generating leads and preparing them for a handoff to sales by asking the right types of qualifying questions. Traditionally, we use lead generation forms to solicit this information, but oftentimes, a more dynamic and robust data acquisition channel is needed. So what’s the answer? Surveys. Join David Carpenter as he takes a deep dive into how he’s offering surveys as a service to his clients via the HubSpot & SurveyMonkey integration. 
    David Carpenter, Connection Model

  • HubSpot Keynote

    Join Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO, and Brad Coffey, VP of Product, as they discuss the future of Marketing, Sales and the HubSpot Product.

    Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-founder, HubSpot
    Brad Coffey, VP Product, HubSpot

  • "THE" Science Fair

    Every month, HubSpot packs into the biggest room on the Cambridge campus for what we call our “science fair”. Product managers and developers step up to the podium and pull the curtain back on awesome new features being built in the product. It is widely known as the month’s best meeting and attracts people from every corner of the company. We have hand-selected a few of our favorite updates from the last quarter to give you a glimpse into new features. But, this is no ordinary science fair, we're pulling out all the stops for Partners and showcasing these products in a new interactive format... that you'll have to wait to see.

  • Party in Harvard Square

    Join us for an evening of great food, creative cocktails, live music and good ol' #HubPartner fun in Harvard Square (venue to be announced in the morning welcome session).

    Shuttles will leave the HubSpot office beginning at 6:15pm and will run until 7:00pm. 

    Please keep your name badge with you, as that will serve as your entry into the venue.

May 19th, 2016
8:00am- 12:30pm

  • Breakfast Roundtable: Sales Enablement Services

    Come learn about HubSpot’s sales tools, and hear from your fellow Partners how they’re using them to drive more client value.
    Led by Mark Kilens, HubSpoT
    Doug Davidoff, Imagine Business Development
    Josh Harcus, Huify
    Wendy Covey, Trew Marketing

    Breakfast Roundtable: Paid Campaigns

    Come learn about the HubSpot Ads Add-On, and hear from your fellow Partners how they’re integrating paid campaigns with inbound.
    Led by Marcus Andrews, HubSpot
    Jared Broussard, Blinkjar Media
    Bret Peters, Fig Leaf Software, Inc.

    Breakfast Roundtable: The Template Marketplace

    Join us for this exclusive breakfast on how you can use the HubSpot Template Marketplace to grow, and build your services business. Learn how other partners, and web development agencies have built sustainable revenue based on the marketplace and how you can learn from their success to build additional revenue sources.
    Led by Jeffrey Vocell | Christopher Battis | Shawn Bristow | Chris Conant, HubSpot

    GDD Agency Community Meet-Up

    Is your agency part of the Growth-Driven Design movement. Are you starting to offer, or already offering Growth-Driven Design services to clients? If you answered “Yes”, then you’re invited to our GDD Agency Community Meet-up! This fun and collaborative GDD community event will kickoff with some agency-to-agency networking over breakfast and transition into a group “Ask Me Anything GDD” hosted by Luke Summerfield, GDD Evangelist.

    Led by Luke Summerfield, HubSpot

  • Executive Q&A Panel

    Grab your coffee and get ready to kickoff Day 2 with our executive Q&A panel. Do you have questions about HubSpot’s global expansion, specific internal initiatives, the vision of our brand, or the future of the marketing and sales products? Now's the time to ask! Submit questions here:


  • Growing the Business Once You Close It

    Once you close the business, what's next? Learn about when and how to transition the work from sales to account service (it's sooner than you think). What seven things should an account person should do? What six things should the internal resourcing team should do, and what personality profile is an exact fit for both? We’ll discuss how much account people can help with sales, what expectations you should have about an account person growing an account, and how your account people can understand their client's unique eco-system like they never have before. This insight comes from working with 40+ HubSpot agencies over the last 3 years alone.
    David C. Baker, ReCourses, Inc.

    Retention & Relationships: Strategies for Delivering and Scaling Client Success

    Have you struggled to deliver services after bringing on new clients? Or slowed down your sales momentum when your time was needed to onboard new staff? Balancing new business, staffing, and services is no easy task - and it's often service delivery that suffers the most. Join this Partner Panel to hear lessons learned from your agency peers on creating processes for scale, outsourcing, and more.
    Led by Clodagh Higgins, HubSpot
    Marisa Smith, The Whole Brain Group 
    Jeff White, Kula Partners 
    Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group

    It All Comes Down to Sales: Sales Enablement Services that Drive Revenue & Account Growth

    With HubSpot CRM and the other great sales tools HubSpot has launched this past year, there's a huge opportunity for Agency Partners to double down on bottom of the funnel client activities. Go beyond just lead generation services and help your clients convert leads into sales - solidifying your relationship and driving more revenue and profit in the process. SalesHub CEO, Matt Cook, will share his ideas around sales enablement and why it needs to be part of your service offering. Matt will be joined by one of his clients, a Partner at a Boston-based wealth management company, with whom he has co-managed the buildout of a successful and ongoing sales enablement program to compliment their inbound marketing strategy.
    Matt Cook, SalesHub

  • Inbound Pricing & Packaging 2.0: How to Leverage HubSpot's Marketing & Sales Platform to Deliver Value Immediately and Forever 
    From free lead capture and CRM, to revenue reporting and A/B testing, HubSpot's expanding product lines include something for clients with both large and small budgets. But how can you convince a client using free software to upgrade into a Basic subscription, nevermind a full Enterprise package? How do you convey the value to someone who thinks they can get the same results for free? Join us for a journey through HubSpot's product set. We will lay out an inbound strategy for every phase in your clients’ evolution that enables you to prove value and climb the ladder to higher subscription levels and larger retainers.
    Pete Caputa, VP Sales, HubSpot

    Future Proofing: Optimizing for Conversion 
    Find out from Pamela Vaughan how a recent blog CTA study opened our eyes to the real source of conversions on the HubSpot Marketing Blog, and why it’s important to question industry “best practices." David Khim, from the HubSpot Sales Marketing team, will discuss how giving away high content quality for free is no longer a novelty, and how HubSpot is optimizing our ebook strategy with on page content to increase conversions while also boosting organic search. Each presenters will leave plenty of time for Q&A, so get ready to dive in!
    Pamela Vaughan, HubSpot | David Khim, HubSpot

    Mastering Growth-Driven Design: Proven Strategies for Launching Quickly
    You've signed a new Growth-Driven Design client and now you need to build their new launch pad website quickly... how do you do that? Join us as Gabe Wahhab of Square 2 Marketing walks us through six "battle-tested" gameplans for building launch pad websites quickly that produce both better results and happy clients. If you work or run a services team, you can't miss this!
    Gabe Wahhab, Square 2 Marketing

  • Lights, Camera, ROI: How to Align Specific Client Goals With Different Types of Videos

    Clients always want videos, but are they properly aligned to the marketing and sales goals that will help them achieve success? If your clients care about increasing their website’s traffic, leads, and conversions (they should!) video can help them reach these goals- and then some. Join Kristen Craft, Director of Business Development at Wistia and Michael Reynolds, founder and CEO of SpinWeb as they take a deep dive on how you can map specific client goals to different kinds of video. They’ll share specific examples of these types of videos, how to sell your clients on video services, and the key metrics to track to prove their effectiveness.
    Kristen Craft, Wistia
    Michael Reynolds, SpinWeb

    Inbound Amplified - How Ads Integrates With An Inbound Strategy
    Adding advertising to your inbound campaigns can help boost lead volume and shorten the time to value for your clients as their inbound strategy starts to kick in. During this session, we’ll dive deep into the details, covering how to decide when to use ads, measuring beyond conversions, and how HubSpot’s new Ads tool fits in the mix. 
    Marcus Andrews, HubSpot
    Lars Osterberg, HubSpot

  • Join us in Malala of 2 Canal Park for a final farewell and the announcement of the Partner Day raffle winner! Lunch will be provided if you'd like to stay and dine with us, or you can grab it to go if you have a flight to catch!

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