Build a Scalable Infrastructure: The Best Plan is to Prepare for Perpetual Change

"The marketing-services industry is at a turning point where an agency must choose to, as Paul states, disrupt or be disrupted. So the question is, which side will you choose" -  Brian Halligan, CEO and cofounder, HubSpot 

In the foreword to Paul Roetzers new book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint, HubSpots own Brian Halligan talked about the dramatic shifts happening in the marketing industry, and the opportunities presented to agencies of all sizes that are willing to evolve.

Now, for the first time, you can download chapter 4 Build a Scalable Infrastructure in its entirety.

Opportunity is everywhere for unique and innovative agencies that bring real value to customers. However, opportunity can be overwhelming if you do not adapt to changing markets and increasing demand, and build a scalable infrastructure capable of effectively accommodating growth.

Starting from the perspective of a solo entrepreneur, this chapter explores the structures and systems that facilitate the production and delivery of agency services, and discusses the core infrastructure components required to run and grow your business financial, IT, management systems and HR. 

  • Focus on building a stable operational foundation with nimble management systems.
  • Make calculated investments in hardware, software, staffing, partnerships, advisors and office space.
  • Activate an internal social network to encourage collaboration, continuously transfer knowledge and perpetuate your culture.
  • Understand the impact of growth and success on human resources, and cash flow.
  • Create a funding runway to enable growth and innovation.
  • Build more agile and cost effective systems in the cloud."

The full foreword from Brian Halligan also is included in the PDF. Download this exclusive content today!

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