[Marketing Campaign in a Box] Generate Demand for a Marketing & Sales Hub Cross-Sell

Everything you need to run a demand generation campaign

Attract new leads and educate your clients on the value of a seamless sales and marketing handoff, and account-based marketing with HubSpot.

Ready to attract new leads and generate demand by showcasing the value of HubSpot account-based marketing (ABM)? Take advantage of these plug-and-play, white labeled marketing campaign assets to help generate demand for cross-selling Marketing Hub + Sales Hub.

These resources are free to use and completely customizable – just download a copy and place into your brand's templates. Fill out the form below to download your materials.

Start by piquing your potential clients' curiosity with a thought-leader-worthy, top-of-funnel blog article, "The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Marketing & Sales Teams".

Then, further establish your expertise with a bottom-of-the-funnel guide that explains step-by-step how to build an ABM campaign with HubSpot. We've even included landing page and thank-you page copy for your launch, as well as a follow-up email for promoting the guide.

Ready to start generating demand?

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