Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

Generate more opportunities for your flywheel

What is the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp?

We have managed to get the most senior sales coach in HubSpot (and practically the world!), Dan Tyre who has been selling for over 30 years and charges $3,500 a day for his business & sales coaching, to run a limited number of Pipeline Generation Bootcamp groups. The groups are tailored for Partners who want to learn new skills for opening more doors, connecting with more prospects, and generating more opportunities so they can close more deals and grow their business.  

Groups will be intense and highly accountable with a focus on new opportunity generation. There will be less 'coaching of the principles' and more focus on activity, including IDENTIFYING good fit leads, CONNECTING with potential companies, building an INBOUND OPPORTUNITIES LIST, and using HubSpot Sales Pro to automate more of the process.

The program gets results. To hear from one successful program participant, check out how Brendon McDonald of Yello Veedub sold 7 deals in 3 months after not having sold any in the previous 10.

Why Take It?

  • Simply put the coach was awesome. I felt so motivated and supported throughout the whole programme. Literally from the first day to the very last day.

    Eduardas B Shishmanian

    Business Development & Strategy

    Pomegranate Media

  • It's been an eye opening experience and it's been kicking my ass. I love how it keeps me on track and accountable.

    Mark Bevington



  • This class pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me prioritize my time for calling and selling our services. I now feel very comfortable picking up the phone and calling prospects. Get this, I actually ENJOY doing it!

    Rebecca Baldwin


    Face First Creative

Want a Piece of That Action? We Thought You Might...

  • Who is a Good Fit?
  • What is the Format and Cost?

Who is a Good Fit?

To be a good fit for the program, we ask that you are: 

  • teachable
  • committed
  • looking to close 1 or more deals in the next 90 days
  • looking to sell 2-4 more retainers this year than last year
  • willing to put together a target account list
  • using a CRM
  • willing to spend 5-10 hours a week on sales (or more)
  • and that you have sold inbound services in the past and/or can clearly demonstrate that you are able to do so

Note that the program has limited availability and we are not able to assure program acceptance. Acceptance is based on program capacity, demand, timing, and other eligibility criteria including, but not limited to, those mentioned above. This is an Optional Partner Program under our Partner Program Agreement.

The program is currently for North American and EMEA (English speaking) Partners.

What is the Format and Cost?

The Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is comprised of 8 weekly sessions delivered via Zoom teleconference (free download.) 

There are three bootcamp versions. You’ll be asked to pick which one is right for you on your application. 

  • Pipeline Generation Bootcamp FREE - All the great instruction of the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp delivered over 8 weekly Zoom sessions with up to 25 attendees per group. Offered at no charge.   
  • Pipeline Generation Bootcamp PRO (600 USD or equivalent) - All the great instruction of the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp delivered over 8 weekly Zoom sessions with a cap of 8 attendees per group and an extended class time to allow for even more in-depth discussion and learning. Plus bonus content and optional live labs for even more opportunities to apply and improve your skills.  
  • Pipeline Generation Bootcamp LIVE at HQ (1200 USD or equivalent with discounts for tiered partners) - All the great instruction of the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp delivered live and in-person at HubSpot Headquarters in either Cambridge, Massachusetts or Dublin, Ireland. The LIVE at HQ version provides for an even more immersive and in-depth experience.  The program application includes more details, including program dates and discounts for tiered partners. 

See a detailed comparison of the different bootcamp versions.

Real Partners, Real Trainings, Real Results

Find out how this partner closed the biggest retainer in company history within 8 weeks of joining one of our bootcamps.

In Closing...

Do you want to generate more opportunities and hunt like a LION in the year ahead, but know that you need help, support, and guidance to do it? We want to help. Fill out the form on this page to receive an application and then let’s build your pipeline together!
Reach out to your HubSpot CAM with any questions.