Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp

Improve your retainer selling skills so you can advance and close more deals

What is the Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp?

Are you getting in front of prospects, but know you could be selling better? Could you be more effectively:

  • digging for pain
  • advancing and closing deals and
  • quantifying the value of your solutions so you can charge higher fees?

If so, you could be a great fit for our Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp. You’ll master agency inbound selling with an 8 week intensive interactive course (delivered via Zoom teleconference) working in a small group directly with David Weinhaus, who has developed the HubSpot partner sales training and has helped thousands of agencies sell better.

Why Take It?

Check out words from previous participants at David's trainings:

David's sales training helped me and Inbound Group take our sales to the next level. Since his training four months ago, we've sold 10 retainers, making this a fantastic year and helping us become a Platinum Partner!...David challenged our sales assumptions, helped us 'find the gap' with prospects, and aided us in creating a compelling sales process.

Barbro Fagerbakk

Inbound Group

Would you Like to Improve your Sales Skills like Barbro?

Whether you are a platinum partner, an untiered partner, or anything in between, if you are serious about growing your agency and improving your sales skills, the Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp can help!

  • How Much Does it Cost?
    Who is Eligible?
  • What’s the Format?
  • Can I Get Trained in Person?
  • Ok, I’m Interested.
    What Do I Do Next?

How Much Does it Cost?
Who is Eligible?

We are not charging a fee for this Optional Partner Program, but we are asking for committed individuals - one per agency. To be eligible, we ask that you:

  • are teachable
  • are committed
  • have at least 3 or more registered inbound opportunities against which you can apply learnings from the training and begin to sell, advance, or close
  • are looking to sell 2-4 more retainers this year than last year
  • use a CRM
  • spend 5 hours a week on sales (or more)
  • have sold inbound retainers in the past and/or can clearly demonstrate that you are able to do so.

Note that the program has limited availability and we are not able to assure program acceptance. Acceptance is based on program capacity, demand, timing, and other eligibility criteria including, but not limited to, those mentioned above.This is an Optional Partner Program under our Agency Partner Program Agreement.

The program is currently for North American and EMEA (English speaking) Partners.

What’s the Format?

The Agency Sales Skills Bootcamp is comprised of 8 hourly weekly small group sessions via Zoom teleconference software (free download).

You’ll also be asked to spend about 10-25 minutes in preparation each week and to spend time outside of class applying learned concepts.

Can I Get Trained in Person?

Yes! We are also offering a PLUS version of this training, which includes 2 days of on-site classroom training at the HubSpot offices. These will be offered throughout the year in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland.

Come get trained in-person and experience an immersive learning environment along with other committed partners and instructors. There will also be several weekly follow up sessions delivered remotely to help you reinforce and apply learnings from the on-site training.

The program application includes details on upcoming dates.

Request an application and get considered for the Sales Skills Bootcamp PLUS by completing the form at the bottom of this page.
The price for the PLUS version of the training is $1200 total ($600/day), with discounts for tiered HubSpot partners.


  • 25% discount for Silver partners
  • 50% discount for Gold partners
  • 75% discount for Platinum partners, and
  • 100% discount for Diamond partners

Ok, I’m Interested.
What Do I Do Next?

We are taking applications for the next session of Bootcamps now. Space is limited! Get started by completing the form below to request an application.

Real agencies, real trainings, real results.

Find out how this partner closed the biggest retainer in company history within 8 weeks of joining one of our bootcamps.

In Closing...

Do you want to improve your sales skills so you can advance and close more deals? We want to help! Fill out the form on this page to receive an application and then let’s get started!

Reach out to your HubSpot CAM with any questions.