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Photoshop for Marketers

The Marketer's Guide to Photoshop

Explore Adobe Photoshop CC basics through quick tips, video explainers, and custom photo filters.

Ready to gain experience with Photoshop?

  • If you've worked in the marketing field for a couple years, it should come as no surprise that modern marketers are expected to wear a lot of different hats. And while experience with Photoshop isn't a requirement for all marketing jobs, getting to know the software will allow you to enhance and reimagine what it means to create content on behalf of your business. 
  • You see, Photoshop's powerful features and tools open the door for creativity and empower you to develop consistent, high-quality visual content that can be used to support a number of different business needs -- from blog graphics, to social media images, to perfectly-filtered photos for your Instagram account.
  • Trouble is, while recent versions of Photoshop have aimed to make the software more approachable for designers and non-designers alike, there's still a learning curve for those lacking experience with Adobe tools. That's why we created this marketer's guide -- designed to serve as a gentle introduction to an incredibly robust tool.

The Marketer's Guide to Photoshop includes:

  • 9 helpful explainer videos
  • An overview of the Photoshop interface
  • An overview of the Tools Panel
  • 5 stunning Photoshop filters

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