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PR and Branding Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Build your brand and get your startup and product noticed with this kit of PR and Branding guides and templates.

Do-it-yourself PR and Branding

  • Do you need to get your startup and products in front of more customers?

    The first step is branding to differentiate yourself. Without a brand, how would customers know who you are and what you do? Taking the time to figure this out is crucial -- it will influence everything, from your website to your marketing, to how you present yourself to media and customers.

  • To get that initial traction, when you've started your company, launched a product, or want to share thought-leadership content with a wide audience, you'll need to learn how to do PR (press relations). Creating a PR strategy will help you connect with the media and influencers that are important to amplify your message.

  • Startups as well as HubSpot for Startups partners, such as TechStars, MassChallenge, and Sequoia, often come to us for resources on how to execute a clear branding and PR strategy without using an expensive agency. This free kit contains all the best templates and guides we recommend to get started.

What's Included?

  • How to Build a Brand Guide
  • Press Release Templates
  • Guide to Defining Your Inspiring Mission & Vision Statements
  • The Newsworthy Guide to Public Relations
  • Case Study Templates

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