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Are you growing out of your Basic version of HubSpot? 

If so, congratulations! You've done a good job growing your marketing, and now it's time to take a more sophisticated approach. HubSpot Professional helps you customize, personalize and automate your marketing, so you can work smarter -- not harder. For example: 

  • Automate emails to your leads and sales notifications to your reps
  • Tailor your nurturing with if/then branching workflows
  • View lists of companies visiting your website, before they fill out a form
  • Personalize your web pages for different people using Smart Content

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Is HubSpot Professional Right for Your Business?

You should consider Professional if you are already generating contacts on a regular basis and have around 5,000 contacts today. 

You also might also consider Professional if you want to personalize your landing pages, automatically nurture your contacts with workflows, and improve your sales process overall. 

If you have any questions at any time, reach out to your account manager. 



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