The State of RevOps Report: Reducing Friction In The Flywheel

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Revenue Operations should be at the center of your flywheel. In this report, ProfitWell and HubSpot break down company data that will get your RevOps strategy on the right track.

We’re going to walk through data that supports the need for Revenue Operations as well as some pitfalls of businesses who don’t move to a RevOps framework.

Growth is no longer a funnel—it’s a flywheel. The flywheel consists of acquiring customers, engaging them, and then delighting them to restart the cycle. Like all wheels though, friction exists at every contact point that can hinder the flywheel from spinning efficiently. Friction hinders your growth.

Revenue Operations is the inner ring of that flywheel, reducing friction and providing the lubrication to make sure the three big areas of your business - sales, marketing, and service - are moving smoothly, accelerating your growth flywheel and letting nothing stand in your way. Putting the metaphor aside, Revenue Operations is the combining and aligning of revenue goals throughout marketing, sales, and success teams within a business.

This guide will take you through data that shows how Revenue Operations impacts every part of your flywheel, and start you on building a RevOps strategy for your business.

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Learn how to set up a Revenue Operations strategy that moves your business forward.