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On-Demand Educational Program


Included: workbook, slide decks, recordings, terminology sheet, and templates


In July 2022, HubSpot Community and RevPartners organized a free educational program on the fundamentals of Revenue Operations and how they are applied to the HubSpot CRM platform.

The program consisted of six interactive classes where Matt Bolian of RevPartners unveiled a scientific framework for revenue growth. The Summer School is now available on-demand for free to anyone.


By taking this program you'll learn:

  • The science behind revenue operations (RevOps)
  • How to teach, measure, repeat, improve, explain, and apply growth strategies to the full revenue cycle
  • To connect the dots between your company's business model, its go-to-market strategy, and its data model
  • Actionable tactics to leverage the HubSpot CRM Platform as your weapon of choice for your RevOps strategy

Your Speakers

  • Matt Bolian Headshot

    Matt Bolian

    Co-Founder & Head of Growth

  • Brian Kreutz Headshot

    Brian Kreutz

    Senior RevOps Strategist

  • Jan Bogaert Headshot

    Jan Bogaert

    Associate Marketing Manager

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