A 5 day email course that will teach you to write emails that close deals.

Let's face it, sending emails takes up a large portion of a salesperson's day. Whether it's a prospecting email, a
follow-up post meeting, sending pricing packages, or asking for the close, a poorly written email can cost you big. Joanna_headshot.jpg

HubSpot has invited copywriting expert, Joanna Wiebe to create this sales email copywriting course to help you use the language and tone that will ensure you close more deals. The original conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe is the creator of Copy Hackers. She's been invited to teach email and sales copywriting on such stages as INBOUND, Mozcon and Business of Software. 

In this 5 day email course, we'll send you her tried and tested techniques for writing sales emails that convince, convert, and close.

The Open Loop Technique

How to use the 'Open Loop' to get a 52% open rate

The PAS Framework

How to use the most reliable sales formula in your sales emails

The Language of Conversion

How to engage and convert leads using hooks

Objection Handling

How to overcome any objections with two simple words

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