Sales Guides and Templates Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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2019 Sales Guides and Templates Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Be ready to hit the ground running with free guides and templates including email templates, sales call checklists, prospecting guides, sales forecasting templates, and more.

Save time with these guides and templates that will get you ready for the year ahead!

In order to acquire more customers, you need to know how to sell -- and how to sell in a way that is not intrusive and annoying to your prospective customers. But as startups and entrepreneurs, you're wearing 20 different hats, and creating a sales playbook or planning your strategy can seem daunting. Let us do the heavy lifting with this free sales kit of guides and templates so you can start selling now and also set yourself up for success.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A sales kit is a collection of product/service-related documents, used by the sales teams to navigate the buyer across the sales cycle. These kits can include: sales email templates, sales discovery call checklist, guides to using social media to close more deals, sales interview questions to ask candidates, and sales forecasting templates.

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  • In a sales presentation, you should include several types of slides:

    • A title slide
    • An Intro/agenda slide
    • A product overview slide
    • A return on investment slide
    • A closing slide includes
    HubSpot offers beautiful and free Sales Presentation PowerPoint Templates
  • Absolutely!

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  • A sales kit is a variety of documents, product samples, and more that can be used to increase interest in your company. The goal of the kit is to engage potential customers with what you have to offer and make them want to buy from you.

  • There are many different types of sales tools. There is customer service software, lead and prospecting tools, marketing automation, video conferencing software, and gamification.

These free sales guides and templates will set your startup up for success!