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How to Produce Webinars Your Prospects and Sales Reps Will Love

How to Produce Webinars Your Prospects and Sales Reps Will Love

Tools, Tips, and Processes for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Discover key strategies to inform and empower your sales team to close more business from your marketing webinars

  • How do you produce webinars that actually drive the kind of high-quality leads and results your sales team will love? It’s not just about churning out content. The key is to create actionable content that interests your audience and ensure that your sales team has the tools to follow-up with leads afterwards.
  • Too often, marketers run webinars they think will be engaging, but they don’t utilize one of their best tools for success: sales reps. Sales reps have a handle on the biggest pain points customers are trying to solve, which means marketers should leverage sales reps as a resource to produce exceptional webinars.
  • In this ebook, we’ll give you the tools to create sales and marketing alignment that will help you produce webinars that both your prospects and sales reps will love. From determining goals to planning your post-webinar nurturing flows, this ebook from GoToWebinar and HubSpot has you covered.

What's in this offer?

  • How to determine realistic webinar goals
  • Identifying topics and creating your content
  • Planning which stage of the funnel to place your webinars
  • What promotional methods you should plan before the webinar
  • Nurturing strategies for following up after the webinar
  • Giving sales the toolkit they need to close deals from your leads

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