Sales Performance
Review Template

A quarterly performance review template for sales managers to better coach their reps

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In this rapidly changing sales environment, there is often a stark disconnect between what management expects from their reps and the skill or knowledge levels of those sales reps.

While sales productivity is a key revenue driver, higher activity volume doesn't always mean that key metrics like close rate or average selling price goes up. Reps need consistent training and coaching to keep up with the ever-evolving modern consumer.

HubSpot and have created this Quarterly Performance Review and Coaching Plan Template to help managers measure and coach their inside sales reps to consistently improve performance each quarter.

It includes:

  • A template to compare both manager and rep self evaluation side by side
  • The key activities/skills of top performing sales reps
  • A coaching plan template to monitor areas of focus for the next review

Grab your copy of this template and start coaching your reps towards higher output and revenue for your business today.

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