21 Proven Sales Email Templates

Get the emails that have seen an 80% response rate, closed $100,000 deals, and more! Share them with your team to get more leads.

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Your team writes emails every day for prospecting, scheduling meetings, following up, and closing. However, the grim reality is that a whopping 76% of emails never even get opened. Think about how many deals are stalled or lost because they simply didn't receive your message. Now think about what your revenue would look like if you could change that...

Don't let your team waste any more of their valuable time by writing emails that don't get results. We've brought you these 21 proven email templates that have been used with great success by real companies like HubSpot, Troops, Chet Holmes International, FEED Agency, and Groove. These emails have:

  • Closed a $100,000 deal
  • Seen an 80% response rate within 24 hours after a phone call
  • Received a 33% response rate after the prospect went dark

Contributors to This Collection of Emails


Bryan Kreuzberger
Founder, Breakthrough Email

Bryan has been featured in the New York Times and recognized by Forbes as one of the top 40 sales experts. He has helped clients like Bank of America, McDonald’s, and General Electric generate over $32,000,000 in new business.


Jill Konrath
Sales Strategist and Author

Jill is a sales strategist, author of 3 bestselling books, and a recognized leader in modern sales by OpenView Labs, InsideView, and SLMA. Her clients include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, GE, and Staples.


Amanda Holmes
CEO, Chet Holmes International

Amanda became CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise at the age of 24. Her company has helped 200,000+ businesses worldwide grow revenue faster and smarter. include Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, American Express, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley.


Dave Kurlan
CEO, Objective Management Group

Dave is a bestselling author and entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in all facets of sales development and was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012. Clients include Deloitte, Blue Cross, Accenture, and Audi.

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