On-Demand Webinar: Smart Reporting

How to Stop Wasting Time and Make Better Marketing Decisions

Free Live WebinarReporting can be a challenge for marketers today. There are so many data points to consider, a large number of tools to choose from and we're running more programs in more channels than ever.

So how do you get the reports you need to make smart decisions, without spending most of your week heads down in a reporting tool?

Join us for this webinar to find out! HubSpot's VP of Marketing, Kipp Bodnar and Rachel Sprung, Head of Analytics Product Marketing will show you:

  • Why reporting can be a challenge
  • When data lies - which reports don't tell you the whole truth
  • Which metrics you should start tracking right now
  • A live demo of how to report on key metrics using HubSpot


Kipp Bodnar, VP of Marketing

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Kipp Bodnar is Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot and leads a team of marketers that guide and execute HubSpots lead to customer conversion marketing efforts.

Rachel Sprung

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Rachel Sprung is the Product Marketing Manager for HubSpot's analytics products. She frequently blogs for the HubSpot Blog and Social Media Examiner.


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