2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report

Social Media Metrics From 7,000+ Businesses (& bonus zip file of graphs to use in your own marketing!)

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2015 Social Media Benchmarks ReportAs inbound marketers, we understand the importance of social media as a channel for interacting with – and sharing content with – prospective and existing customers. What we often struggle with, however, is knowing if we are doing a decent job.

Of course, the real measure of social media's effectiveness is ROI: if the social platforms you're on are consistently generating leads and customers, you can be sure you're doing something right.

Using social data from 7,000+ businesses*, we've compiled a benchmarks report that will allow you to see how your business's social efforts stack up against the competitions'.

Specifically, you'll be able to answer questions including...

  • Does my company have an above-average number of social followers for its size?
  • How many social media posts does the typical company in my industry publish per week? 
  • Which industry gets the highest level of engagement per social post (and what's their secret?)


*Industries included in the report: Real Estate, Healthcare, Hardware, Nonprofit/Education, Manufacturing, Business/Financial Services, Consumer Goods/Retail/Ecommerce, Marketing Services, Software/Tech.

Company sizes included in the report: 1-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201+

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