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Social Media Content Calendar Template

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hubspot social media calendar template

Manage and plan your social media content with a handy calendar guide and template.

Plan and bulk upload your social media posts with this free template.

With so many different social networks to manage, it can be tricky to plan which content to share at what time, and on which platform. That's why we put together a customizable social media content calendar that will allow you to organize your social media activities far in advance—making your social marketing more manageable, and more effective.

This easy-to-use Excel template helps you plan your updates, breaking down how to format your content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, all while providing helpful tips and tricks along the way. Bookmark this calendar template page, and share it with your social media team—it's about to make your workload a lot more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A social media content calendar is a planner for businesses to plan out the content for their posts, the time for their publication, and the platforms they will publish on. HubSpot built this Social Media Content Calendar to help you build your calendar.

    • Step 1: Download HubSpot's Social Media Content Calendar
    • Step 2: Choose the platforms you'll be publishing on.
    • Step 3: Enter the content, date, and links for your posts.
    • Step 4: Upload the calendar to your social media publishing software.
  • Absolutely!

    Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

  • The best social media calendar is HubSpot's Social Media Content Calendar Template. It's completely customizable for each of your platforms and can upload your content straight to your HubSpot Social Media Publishing Software.

  • A content calendar should include prompts for social media teams to build out a robust social media publishing schedule, including...

    • Content types.
    • Post title.
    • Link for the content.
    • Snippet for copy.
    • Image link.
    • Publish date.
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  • Start by downloading a pre-built social media content calendar template, which can be customized to help you meet your business needs. From there, adjust the columns, criteria, and calendar itself to schedule posts and content for your publication.

Over 300,000 companies are already using these templates to plan.

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