Free Survey Report: Is Social Selling Creepy?

New research reveals where buyers and consumers draw the normal / creepy line 

Is Social Selling Creepy?Despite the industry hype, only 7% of sales and marketing professionals named social selling a priority in HubSpot's 2015 State of Inbound Sales report.

A quick Google search for the term "social selling creepy" reveals one of the biggest barriers to adoption. Out of 1.3 million results, some choice titles include "Social Selling: How Not to Be Creepy" and "Social Selling ... Without Being Creepy."

Salespeople can't seem to shake the fear that social selling practices might come off as "creepy" to prospects. And who wants to buy from a social media stalker? No one.

But as sellers know, perception doesn't equal reality. Is social selling truly off-putting to prospects? This survey report, based on opinions from over 250 buyers and consumers, defines the normal/creepy line once and for all.

In this research report, you'll discover:

  • What kinds of outreach are "creepiest" to buyers
  • Which social networks are strictly hands-off for social selling
  • A cognitive dissonance between how consumers say they'd like to be sold to, and what they really want

Are you ready to cut through the creepy? Then download this survey report right now.


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