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Solving For Your Client in 2020

Grow broader. Grow bigger. Grow better.

Companies today need to focus on their customer experience to succeed.

And often, they need help creating these experiences. That’s why 4 out of 5 mid-sized companies work with various external agencies and service providers, who specialize in services like marketing, web design, sales strategy, and CRM implementation. This helps companies get the on-demand expertise they need to achieve their goals.

A recent HubSpot survey of hundreds of businesses worldwide showed that 86% of companies find working with external service providers to be well worth the investment.

However, working this way is not always easy. 75% of companies today work with 3 to 10 different service providers just to achieve their goals. Which means, many companies find it difficult to align their business goals across the multiple service providers they work with and the various systems and tools they use.

Agencies and service providers also find it hard to cover the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of their clients.

This is another reason companies often need to work with multiple service providers. But service providers are supposed to help businesses SOLVE their problems, rather than create new ones by making the process of working with multiple providers more frictionless. As a service provider whether you are focused on your niche or offer a broad range of services, it's hard to cover everything for your clients.

But you don’t have to cover everything if you can
enable anything

With HubSpot, you never have to say no to a client. Not because your staff and resources are endless, but because you are part of an ecosystem that is. 

Whether you want to stick to your niche or expand your service offering, the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program can help you enable anything for your clients.


Who is a good fit?

The Solutions Partner Program is for agencies and service providers looking to grow their business, learn new skills, and use the best technology to reach their client’s goals. Whether your expertise is marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM, or IT services—if you want to accelerate your growth, we want to help.

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Hear from HubSpot partners

  • Shana Steigerwalt (1)-1
    In the marketing and sales industry, where it is often competitive, HubSpot has fostered a strong sense of community. The relationships you build with HubSpot employees and even other agencies is the true value gained by being a HubSpot partner.

    Shana Steigerwalt

    Founder & President

    Modern Driven Media

  • Phil Vallender (1)
    The HubSpot Partner Program has been invaluable to Blend's growth. It's helped us be measurable, scalable, transparent and valuable when we deliver work and projects for our clients.

    Phil Vallender

    Director & Co-Founder


  • David Ward
    This partner program has set the bar for all other partner programs that we've been involved in as an agency. No other partner program puts as many resources into growing their partners.

    David Ward

    CEO & Founder


Choose between two packages within our Solutions Partner Program.

Solutions Provider Package

Interested in offering HubSpot to your clients? Start by becoming a solutions provider. It’s a low-cost way to see what partnership could do for your business. And with monthly billing, you can stop if you want, when you want.

starting from
billed monthly or annually
* Must have any Starter, Professional, or Enterprise level of HubSpot software

Unlock access to:

  • 20% revenue share (one year of commission)
  • Self-serve enablement resources
  • HubSpot Solutions Directory listing with service provider badge
  • Access to training and certifications


Solutions Partner Package

Interested in building expertise in HubSpot? Become a solutions partner, and unlock all the benefits that come with a deeper partnership with HubSpot, your clients, and the partner community.

starting from
billed annually
* Must have HubSpot CMS, or any Professional or Enterprise level of HubSpot software

Onboarding required (one-time fee)

Includes all the benefits of the provider package, plus unlock access to:

  • 20% revenue share (lifetime commission)
  • Waive onboarding fees for your clients (up to $6,000 value per client)
  • Dedicated point of contact for sales support
  • Dedicated point of contact for business strategy and implementation support
  • Access to partner-level certifications and credentials
  • HubSpot Solutions Directory listing with more visibility in search results
  • Chance to earn additional benefits as your business grows through the program