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ELEVATE: The Growth Accelerator

Seedcamp and HubSpot for Startups are excited to launch ELEVATE 2021, a free virtual accelerator designed to help early-stage startups learn how to achieve rapid growth through the principles of inbound marketing, sales, and service.

Build a Company that Grows Better, Faster


ELEVATE will be delivered free online over two days. Each day will cover two topics through a live masterclass and Ask-Me-Anything.


Tactical instructions for startups looking to develop their marketing, sales, and service strategies while learning how to effectively pitch their company and secure funding.


Sessions take place on June 22nd and 23rd. They will run for 3 hours each day: 1-4pm GMT | 9am-12pm ET | 6-9am PT.


Masterclasses will be taught by HubSpot experts. AMAs will feature HubSpot experts alongside startup founders who have seen success with these growth strategies.

Course Outline and Speakers

Day One

Tuesday, June 22nd


1-230pm GMT | 9-1030am EST | 6-730am PT

As an emerging company, nothing is more important than driving traffic to your website. In Attract, we'll cover:

  • Growing when the competition is fierce
  • How to turn customer research into growth
  • Developing your distribution playbook

Learn from HubSpot SVP of Marketing Kieran Flanagan and Mai Fenton, CMO of Superscript a customisable, flexible, subscription-based insurance provider.


230-4pm GMT | 1030am-12pm EST | 730-9am PT

Now that you’ve attracted website visitors, you need to engage them with your content and turn them into repeat visitors and customers. During Engage, we'll discuss:

  • Establishing a value proposition that will sell
  • How to go to market in 2021
  • Creating effective organizational alignment
Learn from Global VP of HubSpot for Startups Kim Walsh and Mathias Klenk & Dave McGibbon, co-founders of Passbase, an identity verification engine.

Day Two

Wednesday, June 23rd

1-230pm GMT | 9-1030am EST | 6-730am PT

Master Class: The cost of acquiring a new customer is dramatically higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. In Delight, we'll learn:

  • Why acquisition is getting harder
  • How your customers can save you
  • Strategies to grow customer service better

Learn from HubSpot Director of Customer Support, Lauren DeSoiza and Jonathan Widwaski Founder & CEO of Maze, the testing platform empowering product and marketing teams to test, learn and act rapidly.


230-4pm GMT | 1030am-12pm EST | 730-9am PT

Master Class: Successfully raising funding requires a compelling narrative, a thoughtful plan of action, and an understanding of the documents and requirements from potential investors during the process. In Present, we'll cover:

  • How to think about your audience
  • How to conquer your elevator pitch
  • The fundamental components of a pitch deck

Learn from Senior Manager of Corporate Development, Brandon Greer and AJ Bruno, current Founder and CEO of QuotaPath as well as Founder of TrendKite, which was sold to Cision for $225 million.

Who Should Apply?

ELEVATE is designed for early-stage startups looking to accelerate their growth. We consider you a good fit for ELEVATE if you:

  • Are a co-founder or early employee at a startup with a small amount of or no funding.
  • Are customer-obsessed and want the success of your customer to be at the center of your growth.
  • Dream of dramatic growth for your startup and your team.

You probably aren't the best fit if you:

  • Work at a large, established company and don't have plans to start your own business. 
  • Don't care so much about the customer and it's value to your business. 
  • Are starting a small business and plan on keeping it that way. 
  • Are looking for an idea for a business venture.


About the hosts


Seedcamp is a European seed fund that identifies and invests early in world-class founders attacking large global markets.

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