Growth Stack Conference

Starting and scaling a business is hard work. If you want your startup to be successful, it’s the work of your sales process that will determine the future of your company. How you sell and how you go to market are more important than ever. Join us over the month of August to learn from Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders on how your startup can build a sustainable Go-to-Market Strategy.

August 16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th at 11.00am IST | 1.30pm SGT | 3.30pm AEST


We will host multiple online boot camps over two weeks and 4 days period. Each day we will cover two topics via a masterclass. We would encourage you to come prepared as an engaged participant to get the most out of these sessions.


Our masterclasses are "hands-on" tactical sessions for startups looking to develop their go-to-market strategies. You'll be presented with 30 minutes of content, followed by hands-on exercises, a practical work session and Q&A. 


Sessions take place between  11am IST | 1.30pm SGT onwards from August 16th to 25th.


Our masterclasses will be taught by leaders from HubSpot, as well as industry and ecosystem experts.

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Conference Agenda and Speakers

Start-ups are all about managing priorities. One of the top priorities for any sustainable company has to be acquiring good fit customers. But how do you target, connect, acquire and build relationships with your first 100 customers when you are first starting out?

This session will talk about entrepreneurial methods for building a sales forecast, selling an MVP product, defining a basic sales process, using technology to scale, competitive positioning and then how to analyze results. This is an essential skill for all founders and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale. Dan Tyre is a 5 X entrepreneur and the first sales person at HubSpot who can share the experience of helping hundreds of companies scale to their first 100 customers.

Building and scaling a startup as an entrepreneur requires hustle, finesse, and a whole lot of work. 

You'll go through an overview of what you can expect to learn and execute across the workshop in this series. We'll walk you through a blueprint of the workshop topics that will enable you to be successful as you attend the various sessions in the series.

- Learn more about the "Why" behind this series & what you can expect to learn

- Pre-requisites and introduction to the Growth Grader Tool 

Building out a repeatable process that can enable your teams to sell with insights and intent is an important strategy to lean on as you grow and scale in 2022.  We'll cover:

  • Setting up your CRM for success & growth
  • Leverage your website CMS + CRM to drive better personalization

A successful content strategy is telling your business's story in a way that attracts, engages, and delights your audience through each stage of the buyer's journey. All of which you'll learn how to do in this workshop.

During this masterclass, we'll discuss how you can leverage the HubSpot marketing tools for:

  • Getting the best out of content marketing efforts.
  • Crafting your email marketing strategy.
  • Building out marketing automation use cases.



Learn what your organization needs to have before implementing an automation strategy and discover how you should think about CRM data and business processes when using automation tools and workflows in HubSpot.

We'll cover:

  • Best practices for building an effective automation strategy
  • Lead nurturing use cases and examples
  • Streamlining workflows for your sales and marketing efforts

Building a startup from the ground up is challenging. Your sales and marketing stack shouldn’t make it harder.

We'll go over best practices for how a CRM + Exotel integration can help startups grow and scale their revenues more effectively. You can expect to leave with insights into how an integrated system works better than silos, what the HubSpot-Exotel combination brings to the table for you, and critical parameters that will define revenue growth during your scale-up journey.

If you want your B2B startup to succeed, you need to understand the benefits of enterprise sales and pursue them with the same dedication you’d pursue developing a new feature.

You'll hear from Karl on how startups can build momentum selling to enterprise customers and build their path for predictable revenues and planned exit.

AWS has the foundations you need to start building quickly and easily. We’ve put together a set of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the AWS cloud, whether you’re looking to build a new application, understand how to set up your architecture, monitor your applications, or reduce your operational costs.

Chet will present how founders can leverage fundraising platforms to get ahead of the curve when their ventures are ready to hit enough traction.

Crowdera has been helping startups for the last few years to enable a suitable goto market on fundraising 101.

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Meet The Speakers

Who should apply?

These workshops are for startups looking to accelerate their growth. We consider you a good fit if you:

  • Are a founder, co-founder or early employee at a startup with no, or a small amount of funding.
  • Have an established product market fit & some predictable recurring revenue.
  • Processes and growth tools are critical for your growth.

You probably aren't the best fit if you:

  • Work at a large, established company and don't have plans to start your own business. 
  • Don't care as much about the customer and their value to your business. 
  • Are starting a small business and plan on keeping it that way.
  • You aren't a full-time founder or are just at an MVP stage.

Apply Now

Applications for this conference are now closed.

If you are a startup based in Asia, you may be eligible for a discount on HubSpot by applying to the HubSpot for Startups program. You can learn more here.

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